My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


16. Lets Go To The Beach-each :)

Lydias POV

ugh can this get anymore boring? the boys have been sleeping, eating, sitting, and playing video games the whole time we are in this stinkin tourbus! there isnt anything new to check up one my phone, i absalutaly hate video games, and i cant sleep on anything that is moving. yupp. i havent slept much so far. i cant sleep in cars, buses, airplanes, and not this tourbus! we havent had time to train either so the guys and i are turning into weaklings. i brought a few horses to help the guys train cuz none of the other trainers could come. i brought Bonnie, Weltmeer(of course! i cant go anywhere without him!), Tarzan, Grand, and Dolly. lets not forget Rennie though! i brought him so we can still be able to bond. i decided to spen about an hour with him but we had to bring an Equine-mobile (in America there are really these campers and some equestrains call them Equine-mobiles and they carry a about 8 horsese at the most and its like a tourbus i guess. just less beds) to bring the horses so its hard to switch back and forth. right now im sitting on the couch just looking out the window. "Lydddiiiaaa" i hear niall groan. "nnniiaaaallleerr" i groan back. "im bored. fix it." "k." "really lydia, im really really serious. fix my boredness." "like what?" "tell me what to do. anything. i cant play COD, i already beat the highscore. just wait untill zayn realizes what i did..." niall smirks. "NIALL!!" "oh look he found out" i say. "SHOOT. lydia make me look like i was working out or something!" "fine lay down and start doing sit ups." i say. "can you hold my feet down please?" i sigh and walk over to the area where he is at. i sit down on his feet, my back against his knees. "wow blondie, you make a great chair!" "hmph just shut up." i look over and see his phone laying on the ground. i grab it and unlock it. hey a secret girlfriend needs to know pass-codes right? "off" is all he says. "nope" i smirk and start playing a game. (ahh whats a good game?!) im playing temple run, the brave version. crap! the bear got me. its been three minutes and niall is still going with the sit-ups. yes im still sitting on him. then louis walks in. "oohh a little workout? is he that comfy lyds?" "yes a workout and at first he was comfy but now... not really..." i say. "AAHH i died again!! niall stop moving so much!" i yell. "oh the first fight for the lovely couple. well i want to see this!" lou says, taking a seat on the couch. "well i wouldnt move so much if you sat still!" "i would sit still if you didnt move so much" "oh okay so this is my fault?! i thought it was yours counting on how you never said stop soing sit-ups!" "woah woah woah wait what? now its my fault that you wanted to work out and i never told you to stop?! explain!" "well lydia, it looks like someone started their peroid this morning, starting a fight over nothing!" "niall you shouldnt have said that. el said to me and i quote, dont mess with a girl on her flippin period if you want to be able to have flippin children someday." i look at louis after what he just said. then i turned to niall and glared. "this morning i started my day in a pool of blood. is that how you want to end yours?" i ask. he looks kinda scared. im not even on my period for crying out loud. "oohhhh" lou says. "out." is all i say and louis leaves. i get off niall and sit down on the couch, his phone in hand. "sorry" niall whispers. "its fine. i have never been this cooped up before. im going a little stir crazy." i laugh a little. "k... we stop in a city for our next concert in a few hours. wann go for a ride?" i nod. "we can take the whatever we are going to call it for short mobile and go ride on a beach!" we are on the coast of Texas right now so there are lots of areas to ride right now. and yes, everything is bigger in texas. except for the spiders. holy cow the spiders here are smaller then the ones in Australia, and i used to live there! after a few hours, we finally arrive. niall and i head out of that bus and onto the other. we tell the driver to take us to the closest beach. he said it will take around 10 minutes. oh well at least we will be able to ride right? when we get there, the beach is almost empty. there are a few other riders and some people playing in the water and hanging out. we go and get Tarzan and Weltmeer ready. they are brothers. the only difference is that tarzan is two years younger then Weltmeer and Tarzan has a blue eye and no white marks but the thick stripe down his face. Weltmeer thoug, has two white socks on his back two legs and his stripe is thicker. after we tack up, we get on and head towards the beach, out of the parking lot.

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