My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


11. Just a Dream

Nialls POV

i knew she wanted to come out to the barn.when i went to her room she was just sitting there deep in thought. she looked beautiful even though she was in sweats and had just been through a lot. her brown curly hair was in a messy bun with strands hanging around her face and her body was just, well it still looked strong enough to beat me up. but her eyes. her beautifull green blue eyes had lost their shine and they were glossy. almost like she knew more bad stuff was gonna happen. when i come back to get her stuff she was getting ready to head out. i opened the door wider and let her out first. we walked, well she kinda hopped with her crutches, side by side, not saying anything. it wasnt awkward. kinda comfortable. by the time we reach the barn there are tears streaming down her face. "hey hey dont cry. everything is gonna be okay. it may not look like it but it will turn out just fine. pirate will-" "no. pirate wont be fine he will be dead niall. dead. im not dumb. youre not dumb. heck pirate probably knows. he is gonna be put down and i am never going to find a horse like him ever again." woah did she just talk? lilly said last time she didnt at all. maybe she was handling it better. as i got her stuff ready, she was laying her head down on pirates stomache. i turned back to my work. "okay lydia its all-" when i turned around again she was asleep next to pirate her head on his shoulder. his eyes were closed as well. i just grabbed a blanket and put it over her. i then wnet to my bed and layed my head down.

*2 hours later*

Nialls POV

i woke up breathing heavily. it was just a dream niall right? you havent even met your trainer yet. i dont know a girl named lydia or lilly and i still am the weakling of the band. but when i turned my head i realised i wasnt in my room. i was in a barn and a horse was next to me. what? this is all real? grreeaaat... well now i know what im gonna get Lydia for her birthday. i always have my great ideas at 2 in the morning right?

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