My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


5. Its Not a Sport

nialls POV

so its been two weeks since we started with the trainers. two weeks of actually getting abs and muscles everywhere! some of the boys dont even have abs yet! i am so proud and very happy. im finally feeling like i fit in here, not being the weakling anymore... "Hey Niall lad, can we come to your gym? i wanna see how you get those muscles." zayn said. "erm uuuhhh....i dont know ask paul." the boys looked at pual. he just shrugged and said "i guess so... just no running inside and dont be loud. you also have to keep your phones off or on silent. and dont say anything rude." "mmkay" all the boys said. "okay then lets go we are supposed to be there in 15." so we all went into the range rover and drove towards the barn. im the only one that hasnt been talking about what i have been doing during training. none of them know i ride or that my coach is a girl that still doesnt like me. i think Lydia is warming up to me a little. she isnt yelling at me as much and sometimes i dont have to trot without sturrips.


when we reach the barn i can tell all the ladsa re confused. "erm Niall are we in the right spot?" i look at harry "no its on the other side of town of course its here or i wouldnt be out of the car!" okay so maybe i have started to talk like Lydia... we walk inside and Lydia is there grooming Pirate. weltmeer already tacked up. "i was thinking you werent going to show up pretty boy. ah man if only you didnt then i would have had some fun!" she laughs a little bit and smirks. "haha so erm these are the lads in my band liam louis zayn and harry... they wanted to see how i was getting fit so quickly." "erm niall why were you sent here? this isnt even a sport." harry tried to whisper but obviously Lydia heard "okay listen up you, niall has more muscles from riding for two weeks. he can control a 1200 pound animal without using words. riding is in the olympics. this is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. vaulting, barrel racing and show jumping. all up in the top 10 for being the most dangerous. i can kick your butt in 15 seconds flat because i have more muscles to you. if you want to have children someday, you wont say anything else." she was leaning in close to harrys ear a look of fear on his face. she saw that and smirked. "okay blondie grab your helmet and meet me in the arena. bring weltmeer i have pirate." "woah niall. shes just... wow... im scared and i didnt say anything!" liam says. "mmhhmm" is all i say. i grab Weltmeers reins and start heading towards the arena. "ugh. she thinks shes so great? well anyone can ride i mean niall is riding so why cant i?" "harry, whats that supposed to mean?" i ask. "well um nothing. i just want to show her that riding isnt a sport. do you think she will let me ride?" "i guess you could ask..." suddenly the boys trainers are here. "erm what are you guys doing here?" i ask. "well you see, we were told that you were more muscular then the rest of us so we wanted to see how..." "erm okay" we are in the arena now. i walk over to the mounting block "wait niall i want curls to see how hard this is. give him your helmet and hold weltmeer." i do as lydia says. harry walks up with a smirk and gets on. i already see him do something i learned the hard way not to do...

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