My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


17. How To Woo a Lady

Nialls POV

So here we are, in Texas, at a beach, riding horses. i never thought that would ever be something i did. Lydia and i have been here for almost over an hour. "Blondie!" i hear lydia scream. "huh?" "you have a sound check in an hour we should head back." she said, turning Tarzan around. "oh... yeah okay lets get going then" i turn around and we start to walk beck to the horse bus. yeah we decided to call it that... it was silent untill i screamed "race ya!!" i kicked Weltmeer into a slow canter. i was ahead for a while untill Tarzan and Lydia whipped past us at full gallop. it was kinda cute, she was crouched down low to Tarzans neck like a jockey. "hey!" i scream and make Weltmeer go fast. we eventually catch up, after tarzan slows to a trot... well Welty here is never going to be a racehorse for sure! after we cool and untack the horses, we head to the arena where we will be singing. we get there just in time. if i was even 1 minute later, Paul and a manager would probably yell my ear off. i run in to the dressing room. "ssoo... how was your ddaaaatte??" louis asks. i look at him and sit on the couch. "it was actually kinda scary. i mean the horses were really fast." i say. "what did you do?" liam asks. "we raced along the beach back to the horse bus." i shrug. "niall, your hair needs to be done and you need to change after sound check. and please, go riding a long time before a concert. you can practically see the horse smell coming off you." lou says. i walk over to her and give her a famous horan hug "you know you love me! you know you care! just shout whenever, and ill be there!" i sing to her. "ugh i hate you right now niall. get off, you are raank!" she yells. i laugh and let go. we go out and do our sound check. by the time we are done we have a little less then an hour to get ready. i sat down in lous chair and she made me look presentable. then Lydia came in. "aaww are you getting made perdy?" she asks. i glared at her and said, "of course! but ill never be as pretty as yoouu" i say. she looks down and blushes. "and that boys" lou said looking at the rest of the guys sitting on the dressing room couch, "is how you make woo a lady." she finishes. lydia laughs that laugh that i love. her laugh is the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh. the rest of the guys and i join in laughing as well. i say this is a very nice way to start the first concert of the tour.

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