My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


12. Fine

Nialls POV

its been three days. Lydia hasnt eaten anything and she wont talk to anyone but me. and that isnt saying much. yes or no answers and she will only respond sometimes. i ask her 5 times and out of the five she probably only responds once. today the vet is coming and Lydia nor Weltmeer are to be seen. im sure they are fine. lydia knows shes not supposed to jump him too high and hour later missy comes. "now niall, we arent erm normal i guess. sometimes we do it the worst way. even though they are both bad there are two ways to do it. one costs $15 and the other costs around $25. its up to you." lilly says. "um what are they? do i even want to know?" "well um so the 15$ is um shooting the horse and the other is doing the shot thingy that injects it and puts it to sleep." "erm the second one please....." i answer. i watch as the vet gets it all ready. as soon as she injects it i run. i dont know where im going but i dont want to be near the barn right now. i run for a long time barely winded. wow i guess Lydia has helped me a lot. i run for around 5 minutes. when i finally stop i hear someone crying. i walk farther and there is Lydia crying into another guys shoulder. yeah you heard me. a GUY. "Lydia?" i say "are you alright?" she turns her head and nods. the guy looks at me "who are you?" he asks rather rudely. "im Niall, herum friend? may i ask who you are?" i say back "im Tyler her brother." "oh okay. erm lydia she um he uuhh hes um..." i look at her and see that she understands. "do you wanna head back? if not ill stay cus im kinda lost..." she laughs a little and nods "yeah ty, you should go back home. mom will kill you if she finds out youre here with me." "okay little sissy. if you need anything im always here after lunch. lloooovve yyooouuu." he says all sappy "love you too ty. bye." she says  tyler looks at me "nice meeting you. heres my number, if she shuts down and wont talk to anyone call ill be over fast. i dont think she will stop talking to you though. she told me how you were the only one who she could feel like she could talk to. you should be happy about htat. she doesnt just trust anyone." "yessir." is all i say. i must admit, he was kinda scary... i look at lydia. "you ready?" she nods. i get on weltmeer and pull her on behind. i click to weltmeer and we head back to the barn. "niall?" "hm?" "i dont wanna be in the barn. i doubt pirate is out..." "i figured you wouldnt want to see him so i asked if we could move him into a stall at the other end. dont worry i will put the tack away so you wont be near him." "thank you" is all she said.


when we get back home, everyone rushes out and lydia flinches "are you okay?" "im fine" is all she responds. "hey Lilly, i have a few questions to ask you." "yeah of course.ill be in the office come around when ever." "kay." i walk over to lydia. "explain how you were riding. i didnt see any crutches over there and youre forbidden to ride remember?" "im sorry niall i just had dto leave. tyler was there too so i was fine." "okay... just, dont go out here if tyler or i wont be there. i dont want you getting hurt anymore." "okay" lilly looks at me with bewilderment in her eyes. "did lydia just talk to you? she must really like you niall. dont hurt her. if you do, you are never getting this trust back." "okay" i said. i really didnt want her to stop talking to me. it took forever getting the trust back.

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