My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


18. Coming out

hey guys! so i need a cover for this book and stuff. if you want to make it then comment on the story. comment what you woulds do for the cover and all that fanciness. if i like your idea then i will tell you erm my snapchat? maybe have you DM me on Instagram? possibly email me? i dont know ill figure it out later...

Lydias POV

by the time the boys were done with their show, they were all nasty and sweaty. nothing i havent dealt with before. "hey guys before we go, i have a little surprise!" i hear niall yell. what on earth was his surprise. "hey Lydia, can you come out here for a second?" liam yelled. my eyes widened. i shook my head no and louis started coming towards me. i sceamed and ran. "LYDIA!!! WE ARE WEAK REMEMBER!? SLOW DOWN" louis yelled. i laughed and kept running.uh oh, a dead end. i turn and face louis, and he grabs me and throws me over his shoulder. "louis let me down! youre so nasty and sweaty!!" "sorry love but i dont really care" louis sang from happily. i hate these boys. by now, we had reached the stage and louis set me down but kept walking. i screamed and hid behind harry. "harold save me! that thing smells bad." harry laughed and louis yelled "hey! im sure your BOOYYFFRRIIEEENNNDD smells worse!" i blush. "so guys as you know, Lydia here was my trainer for a little while and then she came on tour with us to be our trainer on tour." i scoff "obviously im your trainer for the tour if im here on tour now and the only trainer here" niall glared and me and i stuck my tounge out at him. we are 19 year olds yes but growing up sounds so boring. "as i was saying before i was rudely inturupted," "aw niall? did you interrupt yourself again?" i smile as i ask him that. "okay anyway, i the surprise is that Lydia has a boyfriend. it just so happens to be one of the guys here on the stage, including the band members." niall yells.i roll my eyes as a tweet came up. 'is it josh?' i look at josh and make a face. "ew no she is like my little sissy. it would be like dating a pig." he yells. "thank you brother for your support!" i yell back and the guys laugh. 'it cant be louis cuz he is with eleanor and Zayn is with perrie. Liam is with Sophia. are you dating her harry?' i skip over to harry and kiss his cheek. "erm excuse you but i dont think you should be kissing me when the love of your life is standing here in front of us" harry said. i laughed and walked to the middle of the stage. "does no one want me!?" i yelled. 'i think it was niall. he looked mad when you kissed harry' "ding ding ding you are correct! type in your seat number please" niall yelled. 'seat 54E' "okay so someone will be getting you and bringing you backstage in a moment so erm yeah wait there!" harry yells. we all head back and niall wraps his arms around me. i stand on his feet and we waddle back to the dressing rooms and waited for the girl. she and two other girls came in and we hugged them all. "so do you gals want a pic of the nasty sweaty freaks or the horse smell, fit, beautiful rider?" i asked. they laughed and the boys glared. they looked at me and the one said, "well i prefer men buut these are boys soo.... you please!" she looked at me and i laughed. we took a picture and then niall said, "wait, arent you May? the girl who i met when i went to see Rennie?" she looked at him with wide eyes "erm yeah. i didnt think you would remember. how is ren anyway?" she asked. "of course i would remember you! and ren is doing much better." i look at them "k?" "OMIGOSH I AM IN THE SAME ROOM WITH LYDIA LAMB AND ONE DIRECTION!!!!" she suddenly screams. "sorry. the realization just kicked in. erm im lexi her sister and this is my friend Emma." i smiled at them. "wait?! tyler is never going to beleive that i am meeting you guys!" may yelled. i looked at her confused. "Tyler?" "yeah. my step-rother. he and my step-mom are going to pick us up." just then, a white Acadia pulled up and my brother stepped out.

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