My YENT Trainer

Niall Horan gets a personal trainer that trusts only her horses. will niall hate Lydia or will he be able to get her to trusts people again?


14. Birthday!!

Lydias POV

yay! today is my birthday! now i am officially 19. ugh i feel old... :) not really thoug. i sstill dont talk to anyone so no one knows. oh well i think im just gonna go for a ride. as soon as i get on my old paddock boots, well boot cuz my leg is still broken, i start to head out the door. i kinda want to see that new horse that lilly got yesterday. i wasnt able to see him yet because he apperently is scared of people and i was a cripple. nialls words not mine. halfway to the barn niall runs out.

Nialls POV

i see Lydia heading towards the barn. oh no she is gonna see Rennie! i run out to stop her. "uh hey lydia!" i say a little too loud. "erm hey niall." "where you off too?" "well i want to ride today and meet up with ty. and can i pllleeeaaase please ppppllllleeeeeaaaaaasseee go see the new horse plllleeeeaaassee???" "no lydia. youre still hurt... can i come on the ride with you?" i ask. she looks at me, kinda disapointed "i guess blondie... can you help me get weltmeer ready?" "of course." i say. after we get him ready we hop on and start our way over to the clearing in the woods behind the barn. when we reach there tyler is already there. we talk for about2 hours then we head back home. still on the trail, i say to lydia "hey lydia, erm i know what today is." "oh really? what day is it then?" she asks. "lydia, its your birthday!" i feel her tense up behind me. "how did you find out?" "well lets see. lilly told me that your birthday was today thats how i knew." "oh okay... you didnt get me anything right?" she asks. i just shrug "maybe i did, maybe i didnt." "ugh pretty boy you werent supposed too! i dont need anything." "oh well your present should be ready now anyway. its in the barn." "great.." she said. i chuckle. she is gonna be so surprised. i cant wait untill she meets Rennie. i just have a feeling that they are gonna getj along great. by now we have reached home and she slides off. oh yeah, she isnt supposed to be riding so this way it looks like i went riding. i get off a little bit after and we walk to the barn. "okay wait here" i tell her. "im gonna go get your present okay? it might take a while so sit on the bench." she does as i say and all the other guys and lilly come out. when i bring out Rennie her face is priceless. "omigosh niall thank you thankyou thankyou!" i laugh. "happy birthday lydia." everyone else says. "thank you thank you guys so much. did you all know about this?" she actually talked to them all and they seemed surprised. "oh well we all pitched in a payed a little bit for him." louis said. she walked over to Rennie and asked "whats his name?" "well his name is Cant Stop Me is his registered name but his barn name is Renegade. and he is out of Color Me Crimson and Pirates Treasure" i look down at her. i realised that she was only a few inches shorter then me. the perfect height. for the time that i have known her and lived at the ranch home with her, i kinda maybe have started to maybe... fall for her? we live including all the boys, in the same house because... well im not sure why manegement told us too so we did. she looked up at me with a surprised smile and watery eyes. "thank you niall. now Pirate isnt totally gone from my life. i still have a part of him with me." she smiled and hugged me.

Lydias POV

he gave me this horse. a son of Pirates! this is almost what i asked for. i cant beleive niall gave him to me with the help of the boys. when i hugged him it just felt right. like we were meant to be in this position. i have started to fall for him. he is the only person i have trusted since my mom kicked me out a few years ago. but i doubt he likes me back. im not a pretty model. a girl he should be with. i take the lead rope from niall and take Renegade into some cross ties. lets just say that he isnt very clean. i start to groom him and i can tell he is tense. hmm i wonder what happened. i brush over him and there are a few small scars. ill just ask niall what happened tomarrow i guess. i take Rennie back to his stall and head outside. i got my cast off yesterday but i have a walking boot now. i walk up to niall "i know i have said it a lot but thanks again." "no problem love." we had inside the house and eat some dinner. surprisingly the day went by really fast. after dinner i head up to my room. i have started to talk to everyone again. someone on my door knocks. "come in" i say. niall pokes his head in "hey niall." i say. he smiles and comes and sits on my bed. "so because you are still a cripple and you have splints, you arent allowed to ride for a while ssoooo" "sooo?" i ask. "i have a tour in a few weeks and i didnt want to kinda..." "kinda? what niall?" "iwaswonderingifyouwantedtocomeontourwithmeandmaybe..."he says really fast but doesnt finish his sentence. i say "niall, i would love to come on tour with you! but why?" "well erm you could train me? and i kinda like you. like a lot. so i was wondering if you wantedtobemygirlfriend... just maybe possibly you dont have too if you dont want too..." i hugged him. "of course niall." i smiled. wow. ever since he came about 4 months ago we have grown really close. and i have finally started to trust someone. i wonder if we will become closer on tour. "naill?" i interupted him from his victory dance. man he is cute when he does that. "yeah love?" "will i be the only girl on tour?" i ask. "no no louis girlfriend elounor is coming and i think sophia will visit us a few times. we will also meet up with perrie a few times." "oh okay. i didnt want to be the only girl coming." i see the fact that i said yes to being his girlfriend and coming on tour sink in. he runs out of my room and downstairs. "GUYS!!!! SHE SAID YES!!"  i laugh and get up to change. today has been a long day. as i drift off to sleep, i cant help but smile. today has been great and full of great memories. i soon fall into a deep sleep.

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