A Girl named Dominique is living a normal life. When in her shop she meets One Direction... what will happen when they all get stuck there?


1. The unexpected meeting



 Hey my name is Dominique! I'm 19 and live in Chicago. I'm in love with One Direction, they are all  perfect! In the story I have a best friend named Charlotte. She is 20 years old. This is a story of  how I  met One Direction and may have feel in love with one of them. To find out what happens  keep  reading....

Chapter 1- The unexpected meeting

 Dominique's P.O.V

 I walked to work alone, it was so quiet and peaceful. There were no cars on the road at 3:00 am. It  always like this tho. I unlocked my store and walked in. I turned on the lights, set down my bag, and  toke off my coat. As I was sweeping up the floor a car pulled up outside. The people in the car  started to get out. I counted them there were five. I continued sweeping so they wouldn't know that I  was staring. They walked in, I looked up and noticed it was One Direction. My eyes went huge as  Niall talked

 "Hello love... we seem to have lost are way."

 "Wwwhere are you going?" I said studdering.

 "We are going to Boston." Harry said with smirk. 

 "Oh well you go down the road and turn left, then there is a place to get on to the freeway but you        better hurry the snow is starting to come down." I said

  "Oh we will be fine." Liam said grabbing a bag of Cheetos's off of the shelf.

 My shop is different from others it has both clothes and food in it. I designed it that way so people    could do all they need to at one store. 

 Zayn's P.O.V

 She was a cute girl. She had dark brown hair and bright green eyes.... they were beautiful and so  was she. Her store was cute and very convenient, we could buy clothes and food. I looked out the  window where the snow was coming down hard. I walked over to the beautiful girl.

 "So I never caught your name." I told her.

 "Oh it's Dominique." She answered back.

 "Well Dominique... do you work here alone?" I asked her

 "No, my friend works here too. She should be here any minute."

 "Oh that's cool. Well love it's a beautiful store."

 Dominique's P.O.V

 "Thanks!" I said blushing, he was such a cute guy. Zayn was my favorite guy in the band. He was  sweet, charming, funny, smart, and bad ass. As I was day dreaming Charlotte walked in. 

 "Finally your here! I have been waiting for you." I said. She looked around the store and whispered.

 "One Direction is here at our shop."

 "Yeah I know!" I said

 They all came up to the counter with their own carts full of stuff. I checked each of then out. As I  was scanning Louis's stuff. Harry went out to start the car he tried backing out and then pulling  forward. He tried for about ten minutes straight and then came back in.

 "Boy's... I think we have a problem." Harry said.

 "Well what is it?" Niall asked.

 "The car is stuck in the snow and I can't get it out." said Harry. I looked at Charlotte and we knew  we had to let them stay.

So that's it for now :) If you like it well fan me and like my story and comment whether or not I should continue! Thanks love you all!! <3  



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