A Girl named Dominique is living a normal life. When in her shop she meets One Direction... what will happen when they all get stuck there?


2. Stay

 Charlotte looked at me and  said "Well we're gonna have to let them stay." 

 I replied back "Yeah.. we can't just send them out into the snow and let them freeze."

 I walked over to the boys, they all turned there heads to look at me. 

 "Well you can stay here until the snow dies down." 

 "Oh thanks that would be great." said Harry

 I walked around to the back of my store to do a clothes count.  I was counting when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see Zayn smiling at me. His smile was perfect and so cute, I loved it.

 " Hey Zayn.. Need something??" 

 "No I just came to a.. a.. see you." 

  "See me?"

 " know." He said rubbing the back of his head

 "No I'm not sure." I said laughing

 "Well..." He said stepping closer 

 "Let's go check on the others." I said walking away

 I went back to make sure everything was going good. Liam was sitting on a chair with his iphone in hand. Harry was looking at all the shelves. Louis was playing with his hair. Niall was eating the stuff he had bought and Zayn was just sitting there staring at the floor. I could help but wonder what he was thinking about. He looked at me. I hurried and looked away. He then started to walk over to me..

Zayn's P.O.V

 When she looked at me it was like nothing else exsited. When we were alone there was nothing more that I wanted. Here lips were perfect pink and plum. All I wanted to do was kiss her when we were standing there. I sat on the chair and just was thinking. Then I saw here looking at me. I stated to walk over to her what was i gonna do??





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