It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


6. The so called "friend"

Chapter 6

A girl named Simmy in my gym class starting talking to me one day in class. It came as a surprise. She was really nice and we started texting. She has an older brother in grade 12 who knows Josh, so she knew that we had something going on if you can call it that. She started asking me a lot of questions about him, and she asked if I wanted her to ask Josh if he likes me. I said yes as the naïve and trusting person I am. At lunch I told Hajan about what Simmy was going to ask Josh and she said “I am sorry but I think all that Simmy wants is to get gossip and tell everyone” after she said that I started to notice something different about Simmy. I realized that she always asked me questions about Josh and she never gave me an answer saying if he liked me or not. In my gym class there is this girl named Taylor. Simmy has told me stories about her and how she loves to gossip. And that she was stalking me to find out if I had something going on with Josh. I have always been that girl that no one really gossips about because I don’t do anything gossip worthy. I started to notice how weird Taylor acts around me. During gym class she would send me death stares and in the hallways too. Later on I find out that Taylor hates me and the reason is Josh. She has a major crush on him and is jealous that I am the one talking to him. 

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