It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


5. The lunch date

Chapter 5

Josh and I were getting closer but I was still not sure if he liked me. I am not a very blunt person so I couldn’t just ask him like Nicina told me to do. A week passed and I really needed to know how Josh felt about me so I asked if he wanted to have lunch with me, he said yes. This whole situation is very strange for my brother. I am his little sister and he doesn’t like the fact that I talk to one of his new friends. We are close but I haven’t told him about my crush, because if I did he would tell Josh and our parents. It is finally that day; I am having lunch with Josh. We agreed to go to Tim Hortons, which is a place where everyone goes for lunch, it is cheap and good. I knew before we even went that many people would stare at us. Cause lets be real not that many grade 10 and 11’s hang out at lunch.

When we got there I realized that I was completely right. Many of the grade 11 girls were starring; many probably didn’t even know my name. Even though it was over stepping many of my boundaries I liked the attention. Josh was buying food so I went and got us a table. Throughout the lunch “date” a baby was starring at me and Josh and he made funny faces to the baby and it was so cute. When we got back to the school we just talked and many of Josh’s friends (luckily my brother wasn’t there) came and gave him a pad on the shoulder. It was weird. When lunch ended we said goodbye and he said “Great having lunch with you”. That sentence made my whole day, maybe even my whole week. 

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