It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


7. The back stabbing bitch

Chapter 7

One day I walked home from school with Nadalia and one of her friends named Jamila. We started talking about the party she had year. Jamila asked Nadalia if she made out with anyone. “I made out with Elliot, Josh Barcia’s best friend”. When she mentioned his name my stomach made a turn. I could feel butterflies. “And then a week later at another party I made out with Josh, and then Elliot found out and they got into a huge fight” Nadalia said. I was in shock. A gun had just shot the butterflies in my stomach and it felt like I had a hole in my stomach. “At a party last month I made out with Josh and Elliot at the same party, luckily they don’t know”. I told Nadalia three months ago that I like Josh. How could she do this to me? I felt like felt like punching and screaming at her and running away. But I kept it all inside and said I had to get home. When I got home, I turned the lights off in my room and just sat there in the dark. To be honest I really thought Nadalia was my friend. And that she warned me about Josh because she cared, but in reality she wanted him all to herself. This is just a small set back I wont give up. That slutty back stabbing bitch wont win. 

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