It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


2. Sunnyvale

Chapter 2

Now we are in the present.

We have moved from England to Florida. Which is very different from the grey England we came from. Florida is a very sunny state, and I am very excited to move into our huge new house. My mom Hayley and my dad Oliver had gone to Florida before us kids came with them; they wanted to find us a house that we could live in. The house they found has 5 bedrooms and is a very American home. Everything in Florida is so much bigger than it was in England. We have been here for 2 weeks now, and the weather has been great every day. School starts in a couple of days and I am very excited but also nervous at the same time. Daniel and I are going to the same school, which is called Sunnyvale High School. I have always wanted to go to an American high school.

We have not yet seen any of our neighbors, they have not welcomed us yet, and that is kind of surprising to us. But my parents keep telling us that it takes time to make new friends and get fully settled in a new country.

It is our first day of school and I am very, very nervous. But at least I have my brother to go with on the first day of school. I am going into grade 10 and he into grade 11. He told me from home that he won’t have lunch with me but he will walk with me to school.

When we get to school we see how many teenagers are standing outside. They are all hugging and they are all excited to see all their friends again. We feel like outsiders at first, no one knows who we are and many people are staring at us. I am shy but my brother enjoys the attention. He loves to be in the spotlight, which is something we don’t have in common.

At our old school my brother was in the popular group because he is so good looking, athletic and funny. I see many people staring at us thinking that we are dating. I can also see many girls giving me ugly looks because they think we are boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I was in the popular group too, but not for the same reasons. I know that I am attractive, but me not being as out going has kept me from being one of the many shallow and rude girls that I used to hang out with.

First period was about to start, my first period class is English, which is a subject I enjoy. My teacher knew that I was new to the school. “Could our new student at this school named Cecilia please be welcomed”, she wanted me to stand in front of the whole class and tell them something about myself. It was very hard for me to start speaking. I do not like to speak in front of an audience. It is over stepping my boundaries. But I ended up leaving my desk any ways. As I walked towards the front of the class I could feel everyone following me with their eyes. “Hey I am Cecilia, I just moved to Sunnyvale from England.” I said with a power in my voice that I did not know where it was coming from. I could feel my confidence increasing. None of the people in this room knew who I used to be. I had a chance to be a better version of my self. Some one who wasn’t scared that she would act stupid and embarrass her self, but someone that was confident about being herself. As I sat down the teacher started to talk about what we were going to do this semester.

First period ended, and as I was gathering my stuff a girl with dip dyed hair came up to me. “My name is Melissa Wood, so cool how you moved all the way from England, I have always wanted to go”. “Nice to meet you Melissa, yeah it is a pretty far move” I said smiling at her. “I love your accent by the way, do you want to have lunch with me today? I could show you around the school?” Melissa said eagerly. “I would love to” I said. “Meet you by the cafeteria entrance at lunch” she said. “Great see you there”.

With a great feeling inside after talking to Melissa I went to my next class, which was art. My art teacher is a young women named Ms. Dann, she has a great sense of style and seems like a very nice teacher. I know I am going to love her class. At my table sits three boys that talk non-stop all period their names are Jake, Allan, and Max. They are all really into football and that is what they talk about.

After art class is over I go to gym class, where there is only girls. I find that much better than having gym with boys back in England. As I walk in I see Melissa and she looks very happy to see me. Our class is very chatty and it doesn’t take me long to find out who the queen bee of our grade is. It is a girl named Nadalia DeFiore. She is in my gym class and she is very out going. Everyone in my gym class is very nice, Nadalia even tells me that I am very pretty and that all the boys are going to like me. This comment is very surprising to me because I have never thought of my self as a good catch.

Going to Sunnyvale keeps boosting my confidence.

It is my lunch period now, and I walk with Melissa from gym into the cafeteria. I see people from all grades in there. I even see my brother Dan. I wave at his and he smiles back. He is sitting with a huge crowd of grade 11 boys. I can feel them staring at me, and the one sitting next to Dan whispers something in his ear. He is attractive. As he finishes whispering to my brother I can see him giving me an intense look.

I talk to Melissa all lunch; she tells me all the school gossip such as how Nadalia had a huge party last year where everyone went. She also told me why Nadalia is the most popular girl in school. It is because of her big boobs and big butt. Boys like girls with curves. And I have none. In England all they cared about was a girls face.

Melissa also told me what the guy sitting next to my brother’s name is it is Josh Barcia. He is my brother’s age and a huge player.

It was the end of lunch and I was going to my last period class, which was math with Mrs. Chester. I like math and I am okay at it. There is another girl named Cecilia in my class, I think she lives on my street. I am sure I have seen her before.


I am great with names and I can remember every face I have seen in my life. It is one of my weird talents. Sometimes I freak people out when I remember them and they don’t even know who I am. I already know a lot of people’s names at my new school and it is only my first day at Sunnyvale.

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