It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


9. Summer romance


Over the summer Josh and I don’t talk that much, and when we do it is usually me texting him first. But sometimes I am lucky and he texts me first. To be honest I really hate texting first, because I want him to think of me and then have him text me. But I also know that he talks to a lot of girls so I am probably not special. He did however before the summer vacation started say that we should hang out together sometime.

So we finally decided to do it. We decided to go on a walk by the river. We met up and just started walking. We talked about everything. He is such an easy person to talk to, and he doesn’t make fun of my accent. He brought his long board and he wants me to try it. I have the worst balance ever I tell him but he insists. I couldn’t even stand on it without loosing my balance. So he took my hands and helped me go like 5 meters. Those 2 minutes we the best minutes of my life. His warm hands holding on to mine felt so great. I knew that he was flirting but I was still unsure if he liked me. Boys send such mixed signals.


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