It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


4. Minions

Chapter 4

In the next couple of weeks, Josh and I texted every 2-3 days. And our conversations were long. At school when we met in the halls he said hey and smiled and so did I.

One day I was sitting at lunch with my friends and Nadalia came over to our table. She said “Cecilia, may I speak with you for a moment”, I was confused but when with her out in the hall. Her minions were there too. “Do you talk to Josh Barcia?” she asked. “Yeah I do” I said confused about the situation and how she knew about it. “Be careful,” she said, “I have been there, and he is such a player. He will break your heart”. “Don’t worry I will” I said returning to my friends who were really curious to know what Nadalia wanted to talk to me about. When I had told them they were all very confused, “Nadalia is never nice to anyone, what is going on?” Alina said. “Why is she all of a sudden being nice to Cecilia?” Nicina said. We all had our theories, why Nadalia was being nice to me but none of them made any sense.

After talking to Nadalia I did try not to think about Josh all the time. But to be honest it was SO hard. He is perfection. With his perfect jawbone, his beautiful green eyes, and his tan skin. And he is exactly 1 inch taller than me. Every time I see him in the hall way my heart melts. But I am scared to get hurt, because I am too scared to find out if he likes me, or if it is a one-sided relationship.

Josh and I have never really talked in person, but we have gotten to know each other through text over the last 3 weeks. We have agreed to walk home from school together next Friday, which is only 3 days away. I am so nervous but also super excited at the same time. He is really easy to talk to on text so I cant wait to talk to him in person. He knows that I moved here from England, and I already told him that I feel out of place with my accent and that I don’t like it. Then he said that accents are cute and that just killed me. Many times I have felt ashamed, and people always say, “Aww you are British” when I go out. His comment made me feel so good about my self inside. I am totally falling for him, and my friends keep telling me to be very careful. He is the school biggest player, at least that I know of. I haven’t paid much attention to the other guys at my school. I have always had a thing for older guys. Right before we moved I had a thing with this guy named Phillip. He was the sweetest. But then we moved, and we haven’t talked since. It took me a while to get over him. 

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