It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


8. Lady's man

It was really hard to act normal around Nadalia after I found out what a horrible friend she is. But I didn’t want the whole school to hate me so I put it on a down low. She had never been a real friend but I always wanted to be friends with her because of her queen bee status. But not anymore I am done trying to change my self so that I will become more popular. When we graduate high school it’s not going to matter who was the most popular people in school. How smart you are and what grades you got is going to matter. People say that its only unpopular people that say that, but that’s because they can’t realize that it’s true.

So now Josh and I have talked for almost 6 months now. The school year is coming to an end and we have gone to lunch and walked home a couple of times. We are getting close. But the problem is that I tend to trust people very fast, so I tell them all my secrets. One of them being that I haven’t had my first kiss. Back when we lived in England I thought Phillip would be my first kiss but then we moved. I still don’t know if he likes me and maybe I was going too fast. I really shouldn’t have exposed myself like that. Sometimes I think that Josh might tell all my secrets to his friends, and what makes is even worse is that one of them is Daniel.

Daniel is very protective of me, he keeps telling me to stay away from Josh. And I can imagine he is telling Josh the same thing. I know that Josh is bad news but I am falling in love with him and I cant help it.

When I am with Josh I feel powerful. All the grade 11 girls look at us and I know they think it wont last, even though we aren’t dating yet. He has a lot of girls friends and he is always surrounded by girls giggling. I get very jealous when I see him talk to other girls, and I know that if we date I have to learn to except that he is a woman’s man. Hajan is not very fond of Josh, she is sure he will break my heart. And she warns me almost every day.    

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