It is basically the story of my life for the past 2 years, with some alterations


3. Did that just happen?

Chapter 3

The next couple of weeks went by so fast, now we have lived in Florida for 2 months and I have met lots of amazing people. Hajan, Alina, Nicina, Mola and Ariana are all my best friends now. We almost hang out everyday at lunch. Nadia and Arial have known each other forever. They are always together. It is nice to see how happy they make each other. Sometimes I feel like an outsider, the way I have grown up is so different from how they have grown up in Florida. My parents have always said yes to almost everything I set my mind to. Because they know that I won’t stop till I reach my goals. And I miss my best friend Olivia. Before I moved we had been best friends for almost 14 years. We did not go to the same school, and our parents hated each other. But I always thought of her as my best friend. We are so different.

Sunnyvale high school is close the small city we give in called Sunnyvale. And we go there to eat lunch. Every time we go there I can feel Josh staring at me and I don’t understand why. He must have asked my brother for my name, or something like that. My friends told me to follow him on Twitter so I did. And he followed back. I freaked out when I saw the notification. After a couple of weeks I added him on Facebook too because I think FB is a bit more personal.  He said yes to my request.

I think I am developing a crush on him.

“Cecilia, are you listening” my English teacher asked. It was first period on a Monday so you could say that I was tired. “Sorry Mrs. Turner” I said with a tired voice and tried to follow along in her lesson about how to write essays. At lunch my friends could tell that I was tired, I was almost falling over, but then I saw Josh enter the caf so I sat up straight and tried to look my best.

I hang out more and more with Hajan we have quickly become best friends. We hang out everyday. My group of friends and I were not the most popular girls in school but we were not at the bottom either. Nadalia is the queen bee and her minions consisting of Clamina, Linea, Nedie, and Sara. They always hang out together. Nadalia is that girl at school that a lot of people hate, but they can’t show it because if they do Nadalia will make the whole school hate you. It has happened before.

One day when I got home from school I see that I had a message on Facebook, it’s from Josh Barcia. He said “Hey J” I felt a sudden warmth spread in my body. I responded with “Hi, what’s up?” He answer really fast saying “Nothing much, do you have a phone btw?” I was freaking out, did Josh just ask for my number? I didn’t know how to respond. I just said “My number is 640 827 1371 J”. “ill text you in a bit J” he said and went offline. I had to lay down on my bed. I could not believe what had just happened. I had to call someone, I called Hajan and told her all about it, we were freaked out together over the phone. 

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