The baddest girl in school💕


2. normal day

Oh my name Is jenny My alarm went off it was 5:00 I woke up turned off my alarm got put my parents weren't home today I always have a feeling that they forget about me i got up all curled my hair after I was done I put some black high waisted small shorts and a flowered crop top and a black cartingan and black toms then I heard a knock at the door it was my friend louis Tomlinson he is my best friend I graves something to eat and got out of my house and walked to school later we arrived and walked we went to our normal hang out Louis told me "jenny you still coming to the party today " I told him ya I'd never miss that in a million years he laughed then the tardy bell rang which meant I'm late to first period oh well I was walking to first period when I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around I think it was a new kid he asked where room 900 was oh I told him that he got the same class as me I asked him what's your name he told me "oh my names harry" he was cute we walked in to the all the girls were looking at me bad the teacher asked me to sit down I sat down the teacher looked for a empty seat and the only empty seat was next to mine she told him to sit next to me I was kind of happy

Harry's pov

The teacher made me sit next to the pretty girl that helped me get to this class i notice that every one was staring at her bad I wonder why "hey what's your name" I told her she said "jenny" I whispered why are all the girls looking at you bad I told her she said "oh it cause I hang out with all the boys and they don't like me"I told her"why but your really beautiful "she just blushed and said thanks then the for bell nutrition rang I walked out all the girls were staring at me I got some lunch and went to go sit on a table I was by my self then a group of girls came to me and started flirting with me

Jenny's pov

Hey louis " hey baby girl" he said I hugged him he asked me that" I should take a date" so I asked one of our friends ken if he wanted to come with me he said ya and that he'd pick me up 5 then I went to go hang out with louis I asked him "have you seen the new kid harry "he said "really we were friends back then" he left to go look for him what louis knows harry? I walked behind Louis then he found him they talked and then the bell rang I had harry for almost all my classes then the whole day flew by the bell rang and harry and Louis walked me home

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