Carried Away


3. Straight Forward

   I woke up before my alarm so i got ready for school. By 8:30 i was down stairs eat ceral for breakfast 

 "Hi sweetie" i heard my mom said 

 "morning mom" i replied as i i gave her a kiss and rushed out the door.


 By the time i got to school i saw Adan at his locker. 

i went up to him and did something that i thought that i would NEVER do in all of my life of living,i went up to him and said "I know this is straight forward but i like you a lot  and in  thought that you should know " 

Adan replied saying"why would i want to know that?"

 i didn't know how to response to that so i started fumbeling with my words

  "i couldn't... never mind please pretend this never happened" I said

 " but what if i don't want to?" Adan asked 


      To be continued......



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