Carried Away


2. me

Chapter 1:  Me 


   There was a girl named Annabelle,she was on top of her class,she got  straight A`s. you would  not expect Annabelle to think about boys until she finished high school or college, boy are you  wrong.this is the story of how i fell head over heel for a guy named Aden Anderson. 


 I had history,math, and chemistry with him,he would say "hi" to me from here and there. I sit tow  seat behind him in math and history. Biology is my favorite subject because i am his lab partner.  Every time i sit next  to him i would always get butterflies.


 One day i was listeing to Brave by Sara Bareilles  the song said"

 Say what you wanna say
 And let the words fall out
 Honestly I wanna see you be brave

 With what you want to say
 And let the words fall out
 Honestly I wanna see you be brave" 

 i thought what the song was trying to say while i did my homework.

 I went to bed thinking about what the song said. 





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