Gone in a Flash

My dream is to become a photographer. I love friends, family, and especially my autistic, but strong, twin sister, Kayla.

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5. The Boys



 "And the moment I know you've been waiting for, Kelsey! Your room!" I anticipated her reaction. I got exactly what I wanted. Her mouth dropped open and she exhaled slowly. "It's amazing! You really didn't have to do this!" she exclaimed. I knew. The boys and I had worked hard to change the paint on the walls from red to blue (worst transition ever) and changed the furniture. We also made her room between Liam's, Louis', and my rooms just in case there is a problem. That means we had to switch Niall's room with the unused one down the hall. 


 I saw a face by the door. "Hey," I said, unsure who the young girl was. "Who are you?" I asked. The girl was really pretty, with reddish brown hair and dark eyes, and she looked to be about 13 years old. "I'm Emma Payne. Liam's sister. And who are you?" she asked, curiosity shining in her eyes. "Oh, I'm Kelsey. I'm taping their music video." I answered. "That's cool. So, have you met Lynn yet? She's really nice." Emma asked. "Um, no, can you introduce me? I'd like to meet everyone here before I leave." I say. Emma nodded and grabbed my hand. She opened a door and said, "Hey, Lynn! What's up? The new girl is here!" A smiling face appeared and said, "Hi! I'm Lynn!" She had brown eyes and light hazel brown hair that stood out against her leather jacket. "Lynn's Niall's girlfriend." Emma stated, her eyes dancing with mischief. Lynn laughed. "So, what's your name?" she asked. "Oh, I'm Kelsey... I'm taping their new music video..." I explained.



 So... THIS was Kelsey? She seems nice, but, well, she seems too... normal. And I know how this stuff turns out. Girl infatuates guy. Guy falls in love. Guy's heart splits in two when girl leaves. Girl moves on. Guy does not. I've seen it happen. And I don't want it to happen again. Not to them. I need to make sure she realizes that these guys are not for her. They are childish men who can't let go. She couldn't care less about feelings, I bet. She wants the money. 

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