Gone in a Flash

My dream is to become a photographer. I love friends, family, and especially my autistic, but strong, twin sister, Kayla.

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2. Kayla

 "Please fasten your seatbelts." the obviously recorded flight attendant commanded. I put my seatbelt on and sat back, trying to relax. The plane started to move, first slow, then gradually faster. Finally, it lifted off of the smooth runway and into the blue skies above. I couldn't sleep and I didn't feel like reading, so I reminded myself what and why I was doing this. I am going to film a One Direction music video. They will pay me about $5,000. This will pay for Kayla's tuition.

 Kayla. KAYLA! I scrambled for my phone, wincing when I realized I couldn't reach her in any way. Thoughts flew in my mind, worry thoughts, what if thoughts, oh no thoughts, and then I forced myself to stay calm. You see, Kayla is my twin sister, but she's autistic, so she needs special care and a special school. I used to be embarrassed by her, ashamed to be the twin of a special eddie. People would tease me, knowing I was an easy target. Kayla was used to it, though. She stuck up for me. Always. Her attack method was flawless. All she would do was give that person a huge, dazzling smile that just said: I love you. So don't make me rip your head off. Oh, Kayla wouldn't hurt a fly. She was and still is incredibly forgiving. So this immediately makes her my role model.

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