Gone in a Flash

My dream is to become a photographer. I love friends, family, and especially my autistic, but strong, twin sister, Kayla.

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3. Him

 When the plane was about halfway there, I fell into a deep slumber. The next thing I saw was an aggravated lady shaking me awake. "Get up, kid." she hissed. I jumped up, grabbed my stuff, and checked my watch. "Oh... no..." I mumbled as my eyes widened. I had 45 minutes to get to the studio that was half across London! I raced through the rest of the plane, into the airport, through the weapon detectors, and then- "Oof!" I ran straight into something really hard. "Um... are you Kelsey Smith?" A British voice questioned politely. I looked up. Holy Guac. His eyes. His hair. His deep dimples... AUGH! I shook myself awake. This guy, it doesn't matter HOW good looking he is, is DEFINITELY a player. No doubt. "Yes." I said gruffly, not wanting to get friendly with this monster. He reached out his hand and helped me up. "I'm Harry."

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