Gone in a Flash

My dream is to become a photographer. I love friends, family, and especially my autistic, but strong, twin sister, Kayla.

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4. Her


 She's... highly attractive... her hair, her eyes, her face...

 "So," Kelsey started, "Where are you from?" I laughed a little bit. Small talk. Of course she knew. "Well, I was born in Cheshire." I say, wanting more conversation. "Cool." She says, looking at me weirdly. Now I'm confused. She's not acting like a normal fan would. She's not smiling insanely, she's not crying, and she's not trying to touch me. I liked this. I also liked how she didn't seem like she stalked me. Some girls would try to impress me by telling me that they know everything about me. Kind of creepy. But I like Kelsey.


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