Gone in a Flash

My dream is to become a photographer. I love friends, family, and especially my autistic, but strong, twin sister, Kayla.

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7. Chapter 6 <THE ABOVE IS AN AUTHOR'S NOTE :) >


                                                            HARRY'S POV

 Lynn, Emma, and Kelsey walked into the kitchen for lunch. I really think I looked like an idiot. I feel like I was gawking at Kelsi the whole time it took for them to make their sandwiches. Because I was. There's just something that's in her that's not in other girls... I left the room. It's no use wanting what you know you can't have. I mean, it's not like I'M going to be her boyfriend.

 This band is unpredictable with almost everything, especially girls. You never know what's going to happen. So I sulked in my room, daydreaming about how blissful my life could be if we were together... Someone knocked. "Mhm?" I mumbled. "Uh, hey, this is Kelsi- Can I come in?" I jumped up, a whole new idea going through my head... I could ask her... What harm would a no do? "Sure," I said, hoping to sound cool and casual.

 She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it and brushed away a lock of auburn hair before continuing. "Well, uh, you know, Lynn is Niall's girlfriend..." She said quietly. YES! I thought, She was asking ME instead of me asking HER! Oh, boy, this is AWESOME...

"Yes..." I said,, barely able to contain my excitement. "Why do you stare at her so much? She's trying to convince me that it's *ahem* ME you're looking at, but I know that isn't true... So I came here so I could give Lynn proof that you're NOT obsessed with me. And you're not, right?" She blurted out. I was stunned. "Well, I, um..." I stumbled over my words, unable to say what I wanted to so badly. "You don't have to be ashamed of it, I mean, she IS beautiful, more beautiful than I am..." she rambled on. "Kelsey, Lynn is right. I was staring at you. And there is a reason why." I said calmly.


                                                KELSEY'S POV


He took a step forward, now a foot from my face. I didn't move, still confused. 




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