He Wont Know...

its happening. now...


2. Chapter 2

zayn walked me home from school "are you sure you are going to be okay?" he asked worryingly "yeah I will be fine" I said to him, yet nothing was ever fine anymore. I waved goodbye and walked inside to find Rich on the couch drinking alcohol. "pathetic" I said to him while walking to my bedroom. I put my school stuff down next to my door and sat down on my bed. I heard loud footsteps coming p towards my room. I sat there scared that Rich was going to hurt me. he entered me room. "hey sere babe" he said slurring his words. "what do you want Rich?" I said slightly annoyed that he was bothering me. he walked over to me and pushed me onto the bed. "GET OFF ME RICH YOU MARRIED MY MOTHER!!"I screamed "shhhhhhhhh" he told me forcing me down onto the bed. he tried to undress me. I kicked him in the spot where no man liked to be kicked for the second time to day. he rolled onto the floor in agony. I ran towards my already packed suit case and tried to leave I felt Richards hand on my shoulder "where are you going babe?" I grabbed the lamp that was on the table next to me and smashed it over his head. he fell to the ground, I was pretty sure he was unconscious. I grabbed my suit case phone and school bag and ran out the house.

I had been walking for 2 hours and had no idea where I was. I didn't know anyone who lived around hear but I was not going back home. It started to rain "perfect" I said and kept walking.


It was getting dark and I was really worried about Alana. I decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my hoodie and went outside. I could hardly see anything but I knew where I was. I was at the park about and hour to walk from Alana's house. suddenly I saw someone on the swings. they were carrying a suitcase and a school bag. I knew exactly who it was. her long blond hair was soaked to her back. "ALANA!" I shouted. the figure turned to face me "ZAYN IS THAT YOU? she yelled out to me too. she grabbed her stuff and ran over to me falling into my arms crying hard. "what are you doing in the rain and an hour away from your house?" I asked her "im running away" she said. suddenly there was a flash of lightening and clap of thunder. "come with me" I offered and gave her my hoodie. we walked together in the rain and finally reached my house. "wow" I heard Alana say. she had never been to this house before because I was worried what my friends would think. I opened the door and we both collapsed on the couch.


We walked inside and collapsed onto his couch. I cuddled into him still really upset about what had happened. he hugged me and we both sat on the lounge drying off from the rain. About 5 minutes later two boys came into the lounge room, I guess that they couldn't see me because they were behind the couch and they couldn't see my head. "hey zayn" one of the guys said "hey Lou" zayn replied, Louis had a very nice brittish accent like zayn but his voice wasn't as deep as zayns. "guess where we went?" the other guy said he had an amazing irish accent "Nandos" Zayn guessed they all laughed "oh um guys this is Alana she's going to be staying with us for a while" zayn said to his friends. I poked my head up "oh hi we didn't see you there" the Irish one said "Alana this is Louis and niall" zayn said pointing to Louis and then niall. we all sat on the couch when two more boys walked in. "hello lads" one of them said, we all turned around "hey guys this is Alana she's staying with us for a bit" zayn introduced me again. "oh hi I'm Liam and this is harry" said Liam pointing to harry. harry stared at me with his amazing green eyes. I stared back they were magnificent, and his brown curly hair, he was cute.


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