He Wont Know...

its happening. now...


1. Chapter 1

"GET UP YOU USELESS PIECE OF FLESH" Rich my step-dad screamed from down the hallway. I got up and chose what I was going to wear for school.  "WAS THAT NOT CLEAR ENOUGH!?" he screamed down the hallway. I hear loud footsteps coming from down the hallway. they were getting louder. 'SLAM!' the door was open and there was Richard standing at the door. he walked closer to me. I took a step back from him, he grabbed me and slapped me across my face. "what was that for?" I asked him tears started to swell in my eyes "that was for being useless" he said right in my face before leaving the room slamming the door behind him. I quickly got ready before checking my emergency suit case, I had a feeling that I would be needing it very soon. I walked out the front to be greeted by Zayn. Zayn was my best friend since we were toddlers. Our mothers used to be really close but when my mother died I hardly saw her around. zayn told me that she moved back to Bradford to be with her family, but let him stay here because he was almost finished senior year and had a house with some friends that didn't go to our school. "sup Alana!" he said cheerfully then stopped and went to a serious tone "what is that hand mark from?" he asked, tears started to swell up in my eyes. Zayn pulled me into a hug. we stood there for about 5 minutes and we would have stood there for longer when suddenly Rich came out furious, slamming the front door behind him. zayn let go of me and started to walk back while Rich came straight up to him threatening to hurt him because he was comforting me. he grabbed zayn's collar and held him up to his face I could tell something bad was gong to happen so I quickly ran behind Rich and kicked him in a place that no man wants to be kicked. he quickly let go of zayn and rolled around in agony. zayn smiled at me and we both ran off and towards school.

when we arrived at school and zayn and I went over to a group of our friends. we both knew that we couldn't tell anyone about what had happened this morning. although I could tell zayn was a bit shaken up and I could still feel the hand mark on my face.

The bell went and we all had to go our separate ways I went to English with Tess, zayn went to P.E with drew, Megan went to history with Annabelle, and Britney went to science with Caleb. when it was time to switch classed me and zayn both had the same class which was art. art was both our favourite class. we both sat next to each other and most of the time if we were to be put with partners one of us would be the model and one would draw it was heaps of fun. we sat in our normal seats up the front and waited for the teacher to start explaining what to do. it was painting each other. me and zayn weren't put in partners which was annoying. I was put with this guy named Seth and zayn was put with a girl named ruby. we started painting when I felt a wet drop hit my face. I looked over to zayn who was sitting there laughing I grabbed my paint brush and started flicking the paint off the brush onto him. he grabbed his paint brush and started flicking me back. we started having a full on paint fight when the teacher came over to us " I said paint a portrait of each other not paint each other literally" she yelled " now go get yourselves cleaned up immediately" she yelled. we laughed on our way out to the bathrooms.


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