Forever and Always

Nicole is now a senior in college and things between her and Niall could not be better. They have been together for 4 years and they can't wait until to spend many more together. But what happens when she gets an internship at a famous magazine? Will there love still grow or will the job come in between them?


7. Your back


So someone just asked if this story was real and I just wanted to let you all know that this is completely fake it's just fanfiction! I wish this story was real! But thank you for commenting and saying I was a good writer! It really means a lot considering that's what I want to be!

Nicole's POV

The rest of my classes went by slow and I just spent the day staring up at the clock watching the time slowly past. When it was finally 3 I made my way to my car to get to work. Since I started working there I've really moved up. My boss even let me write an article and is considering publishing it! I'm beyond excited.

I finally get to work after ten extra minutes due to heavy traffic. I walk inside an to my bosses desk apologizing for being so late.

"Oh it's fine dear here you go." My boss hands me a magazine page.

"What's this?" I flip it over to see my article.

"You published it?" I asked restraining myself from jumping for joy.

"Yes I did it was a very good piece and after a lot of persuasion from Chris I knew I had to."

"Thank you so much!" I grab my stuff for the day and run off to get to work.

It's been nearly two hours and I'm almost done. I have one last paper to print before I can call it quits for the day. Just then I see someone's shadow come over the computer.

"Hello there." I hear Chris's booming voice.

"Hey. Thank you for helping get my piece published." I smiled up at him turning around so he has my full attention.

"No problem your a great writer and you deserved it!" He said sitting on the end of my desk facing me.

"I had a lot of fun on Saturday." Chris said leaning forward.

"Ya... I did to." I say grabbing my stuff and getting up.

"We should do it again soon."

"Ya but Niall's back so I don't know when that could happen." I say not looking him in the eye.

"Ok just call me... Next time he's out of town." He whispered the last part leaning in to my ear.

He walked away leaving chills run down my spine.

I walked into my house after a long ten minute drive. I walk to the freezer pulling out the chicken for dinner. I've planned to make Niall an amazing dinner with grilled chicken and potatoes that he loves so much. I put the chicken on the grill and then start to make the potatoes.

It's been about 30 minutes when everything is finally finished. I have set out some candles and wine making this a truly perfect evening. Just after I put the finishing touches I hear a car door slam and someone walking up the steps. I run to the front and get their right as I see Niall's beautiful face appear in the doorway.

"Niall!" I say running into his arms.

He catches me and brings me into a deep and passionate kiss.

"I've missed you so much." He says after pulling away after a few seconds.

"Me too!"

He walks the rest of the way in the house and brings his suitcase to the stairs.

"I've got-"

"I have to tell you something!" He interrupts me with an exciting face.

"Ok what?" I ask a little irritated he didn't let me finish talking.

"The guys and I were invited to a party with the biggest music producer in like the world."

"Wow that's awesome when?"

"Tonight!" He says excitedly.

"Tonight?" I ask thinking back to the dinner I planned.

"Ya so I have to go like now but I'll see you in the morning I love you bye." He kisses my cheek before running out the door.

What just happened? I walk into the kitchen and blow out the candles that I set up. Since when did Niall let his career get this much in the way of our relationship? I grab my phone and start to dial a number.

"Hello?" I hear the other person say.

"Chris will you come over?"


Hey guys so sorry it's been a little while I just couldn't find the motivation to write this chapter. Well I hope you liked it and please if you could tell people about my stories it is greatly appreciated. Or if you have stories you want me to read I would love too.

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