Forever and Always

Nicole is now a senior in college and things between her and Niall could not be better. They have been together for 4 years and they can't wait until to spend many more together. But what happens when she gets an internship at a famous magazine? Will there love still grow or will the job come in between them?


6. Please help me

I threw my head back as he continued to go deeper inside of me. Each thrust was like a new beginning. I felt him as he kissed down my neck and behind my ear. It felt amazing I open my eyes and see Chris.

I awoke with a gasp. My heart was beating so hard and I can't seem to control it. I look at my alarm and see it's time to get up for class. Ugh I hate Mondays. I get in the shower hoping to bring my heart rate down a little bit. As the hot water rolls down my body I think about what happened this weekend. Chris did come over and he did almost kiss me but nothing else happened. Did something happened? No I remember kicking him out after the 'almost kiss'. 

I get out of the shower and throw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt. I don't feel like dressing nice today. I grab a muffin and run out the door to my car. On the ride over I continue to think about everything that's happened since I started my internship. At least Niall is coming home today so I will be able to think with us in the same house. But there's nothing to think about I love him and he loves me.

I get to the school and park my can and go meet my friend Leslie by the fountain. 

"Hey girl!" She says excitedly as she gets up to give me a hug.

"Hi." I mumble sitting down where she was.

Leslie sits next to me " What's wrong?" 

"Where were you Saturday?" I ask her while looking at all the students passing by.

She looks at me a little confused before she realizes where I'm going with this. "Oh sorry I was with Lucas all weekend." Lucas is her boyfriend who goes to a college about an hour away. 

"Did you need something? I saw that you called." She asks looking over at me. 

"Niall left and I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out."

"Oh sorry girl I wish I could have." She says apologetically. 

"Ya well Chris ended up coming over instead."

"Hot guy from work Chris?" She asks giving me a smirk.

"Yes that Chris." I state trying not to look her in the eye. 

"Did something happen? Is that why you won't look me in the eye?" Leslie knows me to well that's why we are such good friends.

"Yes... No... I mean we almost kissed." I say still staring at an ant crawling on the ground.

"Nicole what about Niall?" 

"I know that's why I turned away and then practically kicked him out." 

"Well then that's good I mean you didn't cheat on him." She says trying to cheer me up.

"Yes but then last night I had a dream that him and I were-" I look around before I speak "Having sex." I whisper. 

Leslie puts an arm around me "That's normal for girls to have fantasies. Your relationship wouldn't be healthy if you didn't." 

"I don't know maybe your right. Anyway Niall comes home tonight so I can figure it all out then."

"That's my girl! Now come on we're going to be late."

Leslie loops her arm with mine and we make our way to our first class of the day. I really hope she's right with the whole fantasy thing. 


Hey guys so sorry for taking a little longer then normal to update. My computer broke and it's been a while since I could find one to use. I hope you like where this is going and if you have any ideas just comment them and I will make sure to read them!

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