Forever and Always

Nicole is now a senior in college and things between her and Niall could not be better. They have been together for 4 years and they can't wait until to spend many more together. But what happens when she gets an internship at a famous magazine? Will there love still grow or will the job come in between them?


4. Party

It's been a week since I started my internship at the magazine. Everyday was better then the one before and I even made a lot of friends. Handsome guy I told you about, his name is Chris. He even invited me and Niall to a party for the magazine tonight. He said it was for full time employees but he said he would find a way to get us in. I was just finishing up getting ready by slipping on my black heels.

"Niall you ready?" I yelled through the house.

"Ya i'll be right there." I heard him yell back and with in seconds I saw him coming down the stairs.

"Man you look amazing!" He said while giving me a kiss on the lips. He pulled away but I instantly pulled him back deepening the kiss. I pulled away and Niall wore this surprised face.

"What was that for?" He asked still staring at me.

"What? Can't I show my boyfriend how much I love him?" I gave him a seductive smile. Niall leaned in to continue the kiss but I simple turned my head and walked out the door.

"Tease!" I heard him shout and I just went and sat in the car.


We got to the party and it was nothing like the college parties I have attended, this one was much fancier with people in suits and long dresses. Luckily I looked alright for this but I was still a little worried people might judge me. Niall and I walked through the doors hand in hand and immediately people turned to stare at us. I guess people recognized Niall. Just then I see Chris waking towards us and a huge smile spreads on my lips.

"Nicole I'm so glad you could make it." He says giving me a light kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for inviting us this is Niall my boyfriend." I say giving Niall a small smile as I see them shake hands.

"Well drinks are over their" He says pointing to a huge table filled will all sorts of refreshments.

"And if you need anything just ask." Chris said as he gave us one last smile and then walked away.

"Chris seems nice." Niall says looking down at me and brushing a hair out of my face.

"Ya he's awesome. He was the first person I met here and he was really sweet."

"Man if I didn't know any better I'd say you have a crush on him." Niall says teasingly and I let out an awkward laugh.

What Niall doesn't know is those words actually hit me hard. Do I have a crush on him? I mean I love Niall and every one has a crush on someone. I mean for the longest time I swore I was going to marry Steven McQueen from the Vampire diaries. But this is different I don't want to hurt Niall and I love him more then anything in this world. Maybe I'm just being mesmerized by his looks I mean there are a ton of good looking guys out their. My boyfriend included. I will just have to try and enjoy this night with him and not let anything or anyone come between us.


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