Forever and Always

Nicole is now a senior in college and things between her and Niall could not be better. They have been together for 4 years and they can't wait until to spend many more together. But what happens when she gets an internship at a famous magazine? Will there love still grow or will the job come in between them?


9. Party Time

Nicole's POV

I woke up and heard that Niall was already in the shower. I got up and remembered that tonight we had the album release party to go to. I already got my dress and it was a red mid thigh tight dress. It was beautiful or at least that's what I thought. I hear the water turn off and shortly after I see Niall step out in just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Hey handsome!" I say walking over to him.

"Hi." He blankly said back.

"You can't seriously be mad at me for last night!" I shoot back. He's barely spoken to me since it happened.

"Let's see I come home to see you lying on the ground laughing with some guy, no how could I be mad." He replies sarcastically and turns his back to me.

"Listen nothing happened we were just goofing around. I love you! No one else and I never will!" I grab his hand and turn him around trying to look into his eyes.

"You promise nothing happened?" For the first time he looked me in the eyes.

"I promise!" I finally see him smile as he pulls me into a sweet kiss.


It is almost time to go to the party and I am walking down the stairs as we speak. When I get to the bottom I see Niall standing their in a very handsome tux.

"You look great!" I beam as I look over his appearance.

"You don't look bad yourself." He pulls me in and our lips meet for another one of our mind blowing kisses.

He opens the door for me and we walk to our car. It's so weird saying our car and our house. After all this time I still haven't gotten used to it. He opens my door for me again and after I get in he jogs to his side and climbs in starting the car. After a good 20 minute drive we stop in front of a large building with lights all around and a red carpet. Niall helps me put and we make our way down the carpet with lights flashing and people screaming our names. I see the man that always gives me a hard time in line as one of the paparazzi. I've learned that his name is Steve and he's not as rude and mean as I originally thought.

We finally make it inside and it is already filled with people. Right away I see Katy Perry and Kesha which is just amazing!

"I'll go get us some drinks." Niall says as he walks off to where I'm assuming the drinks are.

"Is that Nicole?" I hear from behind me and I turn around to see all four guys standing smiling. I instantly jump into Liam's arms.

"Well I guess we know who her favorite is!" I hear Louis joke behind us.

"Shut up and give me a hug!" I say laughing and letting go of Liam.

After I hug all the guys I see Niall coming back with my drinks.

"Thanks!" I say as he hands me my champagne and kisses my cheek.

"So Nicole how's that internship at UK Magazine going?" Liam asks.

"It's great I absolutely love it!" I smile back at him as I watch everyone that passes by.

We've been here for about an hour and I have already gotten the chance to meet Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd they were awesome! Right now it's just Niall and I talking by ourselves as all the guys went off and did their own thing.

"Niall?" I hear an unfamiliar female voice say behind me.

I turn around just to see none other then Miley Cyrus smiling up at my boyfriend.



Hey guys sorry it took me a little bit to post it would have been posted yesterday but for some reason it didn't want to when I say publish. Well thanks for all the continuous support and please keep liking, commenting, and telling your friends about my stories!

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