Forever and Always

Nicole is now a senior in college and things between her and Niall could not be better. They have been together for 4 years and they can't wait until to spend many more together. But what happens when she gets an internship at a famous magazine? Will there love still grow or will the job come in between them?


3. "New Girl"

I wake up to my alarm clock going off and see that it is 8:00. It's Saturday and it's my first day of my internship! I turn off the alarm and get up to see a note next to my bed.

"Hey babe! Sorry I had to leave early for recording session. Good luck today! I know your do great I love you!"

I smile as I read the paper and place it in my bag so I will have it for later. I grab my toiletries and head into the shower. I turn the water on hotter then normal and it felt so good as the water ran down my body. 

I get out 10 minutes later and pick out a pair of skinny jeans and a nice top to match. A good part about this job is we don't have to dress up all fancy with skirts and dresses which isn't my thing. I do my make up putting on very little not wanting to over do it. I walk own the stairs to see muffins that Niall had gotten for me. I pick one up and take a small bite and they are delicious! I finish eating it as I walk out the door and get in my car to my fist day at UK Magazine.

I have just gotten here and I am surprisingly 10 minutes early. I walk in the door and I am immediately hit by something hard in my shoulder. I fall to the ground clutching at my arm.

"Ow." I say trying to pick up my stuff with one arm.

"I am so sorry!" I hear someone with an amazing British accent say as they pick up my stuff.

I look up to see a very handsome man in front of me.

"Are you ok?" He asks reaching out for my hand. I grab it and let him pull me back up.

"Ya I think I'll live." I say as I rub my arm.

"Sorry it's my last day to get this article done and I guess I'm a little behind and wasn't paying attention." The handsome man says.

"It's ok. It's only my first day but I'm sure in a couple weeks I'll be just like you." I joke trying to lighten the mood.

He lets out a low chuckle "Well I sure hope not. Are you one of the interns?"

"Yes I am. How could you tell? Was it the obvious clueless ness of where I'm going?"

He again lets out a small laugh "Well ya and the fact that you are clearly in college."

"Hey for your information when I was only 16 my cousin told me I looked like I was 22!" I state proudly.

"Oh ya? How old was your cousin?" He asks smirking.

"6." I say quietly looking down.

This time he lets out a big joyful laugh.

"I like you new girl"

"This 'new girl' has a name." I put new girl in quotes.

"I like new girl I think I'm going to stick with it."

He sticks his hand out to me.

I shake it and he holds my hand a second longer then necessary. "Well I better go finish that article." He starts to walk off in the direction he was headed.

"Good luck!" I shout.

"Ya you too new girl!" He saya over his shoulder.

I turn around and walk to the main office to get started. For some reason I can't get that accent or his beautiful green eyes out of my head. I shake it off I have Niall that's all I need.


There's the second official chapter! YAY! And that whole thing about my cousin thinking I was 22 was so true. My aunt asked how old I was and it was so adorable when he said 22. I took it as a compliment the way it was meant to be!


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