Everything Works Out Somehow (Relapse Symphony)

Casey was just expecting to help out and enjoy a concert. What she didn’t expect was getting “kidnapped” by one of the bands. By the time they noticed what they had done...it was too late to turn back.


1. Prologue


    Work was slow at the little pub my best friend and I worked at, filled with constant yawning. There was three tables being used and the customers were all enjoying their dinner. Ronnie and I were standing behind the bar just waiting for another customer to stop by. I shifted my weight from one side to another, in agonizing boredom. I popped my gum and looked from one side of the room to the other again and again. It really wouldn't be so bad if the only costumer's weren't old people. Work was always much more fun when the costumers were cute.


"How are my two favorite employees doing?" Asked my boss, Mr. Abbot, in his fake caring voice. He smiled wide, and I could tell by his tone that he was playing us just to get something he wanted.


"What do you need us to do?" Sighed Ronnie. Apparently she had the same feeling.


"Well, I know that it's your day off tomorrow but, I figured that you girls could come help out. I know that you got tickets for the concert so you would be here anyway. We will be busier because of the concert and the bands might need a little extra help."


"Will we get paid?" I asked. There was literally no point if I wasn't being paid. I wanted that day off, and I wanted to be like a normal fan, waiting outside to meet the band. I didn't want to play slave for them.


"If they tip you, yes." He said quietly, with a sly smile.


"We'll do it!" Said Ronnie excitedly. I practically punched her. What was she fucking thinking? I don't want to "help" the bands!


"Good, see you tomorrow." Said Mr. Abbot before walking away. He spoke quickly, eyeing me. He knew I'd say no if he gave me the chance.


"We will?" I asked a way too excited Ronnie. She looked giddy with happiness, and ready to jump off the walls.


"Casey, you're not processing this. We get to hang out with bands." Her voice went up at least three octaves, and she tried very hard not to scream. Her blond hair bounced as she jumped lightly.


"No we get to set up for the bands." I groaned and leaned against the bar.


"But to set up for them, we have to talk to them." She nudged my shoulder and shook me.


"I guess you're right." I said with a sigh. I wasn't into heavy labor work, so hopefully setting up, meant passing them drinks. That was enough lifting for a while.


"I'm always right," Ronnie giggled.


"I still hate you for this," I glared at her sarcastically.


"What's the big deal?" She grinned and continued to shake me lightly.


"They'll look at us like 'the help'!" I whined and looked at her angrily.


"That's better than looking at us like any other fan," She had a point.


"Shift's up girls," The bar tender, Margaret tapped my shoulder and I sighed a breathe of relief.


"See you tomorrow Casey. Make sure you wear something awesome," Ronnie grinned like a loon.


"What the hell do you wear to do someone else's work?" I groaned and followed her out of the building. Tomorrow should be interesting.

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