Everything Works Out Somehow (Relapse Symphony)

Casey was just expecting to help out and enjoy a concert. What she didn’t expect was getting “kidnapped” by one of the bands. By the time they noticed what they had done...it was too late to turn back.


3. "How do you accidentally kidnap someone?!"

~~Casey’s POV




                My whole body ached and I rubbed my temples in an attempt to relieve my screaming headache.  I opened my eyes a little and the light made my head hurt worse. I squinted, trying to see who I was with, as I heard breathing and whispers piercing my poor ears.


“She looks nothing like me,” Whined a familiar voice. I looked up to see Tyler Gloyd standing next to me. Wait…why is Tyler fucking Gloyd here? Where is here? What the fucking fuck.


“Are you ok?” asked Bret Von fucking Dehl. Holy hell.


“What happened? Where am I?” I questioned. I stood up quickly and felt dizzy. I grabbed onto Bret’s arm to steady myself without thinking. I quickly blushed and looked away from him, but I felt sick.


“We…uh…made a mistake.” said Alex Foxx with a groan.


“Sorry for dropping you on the floor.” Said JC Charles apologetically.


“That’s nice, but why am I here?” I needed answers. This was getting fucking creepy.


“We saw you sleeping in the box and thought you were Tyler so…now you’re here.” said Bret. I sat on the couch next to Brandon Kile cautiously. He looked like he had been laughing up a storm.


“I knew you weren’t Tyler.” Said Brandon from beside me, with a smile.


“Take me home.” I said quickly, widening my eyes in sudden horror.


“Yeah, that’s the thing-“started JC before Bret cut him off.


“We can’t. If we turn back we’ll miss our next show. We’re headed to a hotel. You can stay with us tonight and find a way to leave in the morning. Sorry.” He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the floor. My stomach tied into knots.


“How much do the rooms cost?” I said worriedly with a huge sigh.


“I don’t remember. We made reservations a while ago. Why?” said Alex. They all looked really nervous, and drunk


“Fifteen dollars won’t be enough will it?” I groaned, and rubbed my head again.


“Nope.” Said Brandon. I felt the bus lurch a bit, and turned my head to look out the window. We had arrived at a hotel; not too fancy, not too shabby. I groaned and looked to all of the men with a horrified glance. This was quite the night. Alex came over to me and handed me a black shirt.


“Here, it will look like a dress on you,” I took the shirt from him and smiled.


“Thank you.” I said quietly.


“Bret doesn’t have a sleeping buddy, so you can room with him.” said JC. I gave him a glare and he put his hands up for defense. “We can’t put three to a room!


“I’ll sleep on the couch in the room. You can have the bed,” Bret patted me on the back. “I’m really sorry about this misunderstanding,”


“Yeah? Me too,” I grumbled.




                 The elevator ride up to the room was unbearable. I stayed in the corner with my arms crossed while the guys talked about, who knows what. I just want to go home. When I get a chance to call Ronnie, she’ll come get me. She’d be horrified though. The elevator came to a stop and I followed Bret to the room quietly and awkwardly.


                The door opened with a click and I walked into the bathroom. I changed into the shirt Alex gave me and walked back in the room. Bret was on the couch and watched me as I sat down on the bed. He looked at me nervously and played with his hair. I rolled my eyes and sighed.


“Do you snore?” he asked quickly.


“Um-,” I wasn’t able to answer because Bret cut me off.


“How’s your hangover? Are you a druggie? Are you going to rape and or kill me while I sleep? Are you going to press charges?  Do you want a beer?” he left no time for me to answer before asking question after question.


“Yes?” I replied a little confused. A beer sounded fucking fabulous right now.


“To which question?” His hazel eyes widened, and he jumped a little.


“The beer…” I let my sentence trail off and I tried not to chuckle.


“I offered you a beer?” he asked with a little laugh. “I didn’t notice. I have no beer, I’m underage.


“So am I but I managed to get drunk.” I snickered and shrugged at him.


“Good point.” He said with a laugh. “Are you tired?”


“A bit,” I nodded, and accidentally let out a yawn.


“Well let’s get some sleep. I’ve got a gig tomorrow, and you have a long drive home tomorrow,” Bret smiled at me, and reached over to turn off the light. “G’night,” He called. I returned the gesture, and climbed into the bed.




                I woke up and Bret was nowhere to be seen. I looked over at the clock. 12:30 p.m.? Jesus, I slept in late! I took out my phone and dialed Ronnie’s number hastily. I was dying to get home.


“What do you want faggus?” Well she sounded happy. Her voice was crackled and annoyed.


“Thanks a lot Ronnie.” I sighed, running my hands through my tangled bedhead.


“For what?” She asked with a giggle.


“Apparently, I passed out in a box last night. You put a blanket over me and The Relapse Symphony thought I was Tyler! Now I’m at a hotel a few hours away,” I groaned and looked around for Bret again.


“Well, what do you want me to do?  How do you know I put the blanket on you?” She laughed at me, and sounded like she might be crying with laughter. I glared at the phone as Bret walked into the room.


“Hey!” He said. I walked into the bathroom and continued talking to Ronnie, ignoring him.


“It was the blanket you keep in the break room so you can take naps during your shift.” I grumbled.


“Oh. Well I can’t come and get you today!” She whined.


“What!?!” I yelled, partly because she can’t get me and partly because I dropped my phone. I swung out my hands to catch it but I just hit it straight into the toilet. I whined and groaned angrily. I’d obviously hung up on her.


                After fishing my phone out of the toilet and drying it off I was surprised that it still worked. I put it on speaker, there was no way I was putting it against my ear. I grabbed another towel to dry it off more. When I pulled my arm back my elbow hit the phone and sent it crashing down. I felt my eye twitch as I looked at my destroyed phone. I picked up the pieces and got rid of them in the trash, still grumbling in annoyed anger.


            I heard more Bret talking, and assumed he wasn’t talking to himself. I stepped out of the bathroom to find him talking with Brandon Kile. I rolled my eyes and leaned against the wall awkwardly.


“Can I borrow someone’s phone?” I moaned.


“Why?” Bret laughed, raising an eyebrow at me.


“Can I?” I looked over at Brandon with a pleading look.


“Yeah, here” he handed me his phone with a smile. I  took it thankfully and walked out into the hallway quickly to call Ronnie.


“Hello?” Ronnie sounded really confused when she answered.


“Hey it’s me, Casey,” I leaned against the hall’s wall and sighed.


“Casey? Whose phone is this?” She asked.


“Brandon Kile’s,” I took his phone away from my ear and heard Ronnie screech. “So, why can’t you come get me?”


“I have to do that summer camp thing, remember?” She groaned, sounding put down that I’d changed the subject.


“Shit,” I groused.


“Sorry man. Maybe in a few weeks I can get you,” She offered, her voice going up a few octaves.


“Ugh you suck. As soon as possible, alright? Thanks Ronnie,” I said before hanging up the phone.


 I opened up the door to the hotel room with a shove. Brandon and Bret practically fell over when I opened it, because they had obviously been leaning against it.


“We weren’t eavesdropping.” Said Bret quickly with a smirk.


“Yes we were.” Said Brandon as I handed his phone back to him. I rolled my eyes.


“You can stay with us until your friend can come and get you.” Said Bret sincerely.


“I feel bad, like I’m intruding. Thanks for helping out, guys. When’s the show?” I asked.


“In about an hour…I guess we should head down to the venue. Are you coming Casey?” asked Brandon.


“No I think I’ll stay here for a bit.” I shook my head.


“Ok have fun.” Said Bret as they left the hotel room.


                I was alone in the hotel room for a half hour before someone knocked on the door. I walked over and opened to see Dahvie Vanity standing there.


“Who are you? Is Bret here?” He asked, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.


“No, he said he was going down to the venue…why aren’t you there yet?” I tried so hard not to freak out. I was shaking a little bit trying not to act like a freak.


“Ok and, it takes me a long time to get ready,” he said as he gestured to his face, “so who are you again?"


“Casey Eve.”


“Why are you here?” he looked really suspicious.


“They kinda’ kidnapped me last night.” I sighed.


“They kidnapped you?” he looked horrified for a second.


“Yeah,” I nodded slowly.


“That’s awesome! You’re free to leave; you know that right?” Dahvie cocked his head.


“Yeah, but I can’t get home,” I rubbed the back of my neck.


“Well that sucks. Come on lets go the concert!” Dahvie pulled me out of the room and to the venue




                I was back in the tour bus now just waiting for the guys to get everything situated. Thankfully Haley Rose was on this tour and is the same size as me. She loaned me a black tank top and a black skirt to ware. The guys started piling on the bus. Tyler, Alex and, Brandon went to the bunk area and Bret and JC sat next to me on the couch. We sat in silence waiting for the bus to move when the door flung open. Jayy Von Monroe had a panicked expression on his face and pointed directly at me.


“You kidnapped her!?!”  He yelled. Bret stood up quickly


“We didn’t mean to!” He shouted, his pitch rising.


“How do you accidentally kidnap someone?!” Jayy was clearly horrified unlike Dahvie.


“We thought she was Tyler!” laughed JC.


“She looks nothing like Tyler.” Said Jayy. “Are you ok? Can you get home?”


“I’m fine, and I can’t go home until my friend is done with this summer camp thing.” I said.


“I’m so sorry.” Said Jayy with an annoyed groan at the boys.


“Jayy get your ass over here we have to go,” Said Dahvie poking his head through the doorway.

Once Jayy left, the buss started moving and, I passed out on the couch.

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