harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


7. what a relief


 ~ Kate ~


I woke up this morning feeling really rough and unbelievably miserably my face pale white deep purple rings round my eyes. I took the complimentary towel from the bathroom and stepped in the shower I stood there for 20 minutes with thought's running through my mind. What have I done he must be petrified I don't know why but he cared he was so sweet and kind and ive just walked out on him. He was only trying to admit his feeling's but I ran I was shocked I didn't think we would ever be more than friends... best friends even. However their was one thing one big thing that I only just realised something that could of changed the whole events of that night but it went so quick. All I could think was there was this one thing I often  felt something ... maybe's butterflies  something happy that gave me joy and maybe's it was because I ...well I felt something for him I didn't know what it was now but I think I liked him too but I cant tell no one and the first chance I get to tell him I flee 100 miles away from him. ARGH why was I so stupid I think I was scared scared he would hurt me scared I would hurt him. He was fragile after Sophia ( no hate ) and I was after Tyler I didn't tell no one about Tyler not even Harry if he found out he would flip he would kill him and I knew he couldn't do that he would go to prison and if he did he would never of had this. I'm glad I didn't tell no one because well now Harry has 4 new best friend's and a career he wouldn't of dreamed of. The problem I had was when I was 15 and I boy in my class at school Tyler Murphy he was beautiful dark hair tanned he had everything. All except a personality but I found that out  a bit to late...

~ flashback ~

I remember that night perfectly I don't want to but I will never forget .

I thought it was a dream come true but I was wrong. it was a Friday afternoon a normal day at school we had English possible the best lesson ever and no I'm not a nerd I suppose you could say I was a bit of a bad girl. I HATED ENGLISH but I sat next to Tyler and he asked me out. I said yes obviously and he invited me round to his . Later that night I was at his then he got angry he hit me and I ran out the house and as far away as I could I was really scared.

~back to reality ~

I almost forgot I was in the shower I had so many things to think about I didn't know what I was going to do but I had an idea I was scared that it wasn't making the right decision but whatever i did I knew I couldn't stay here. We had to fly up to Cardiff tonight and I wish we weren't on tour it would be so much easier but ...

~ 3 hours later~

I stood facing the door staring at the golden metal numbers seeing if I could build

up the courage to knock on the door to talk to him just to look him in the eye. I pulled my hand up and knocked on the door I need to follow my heart this time. "Coming !" Liam said walking towards the door. He opened the door and saw me he looked shocked as if he didn't expect me to come a tear fell from my eye he opened his arms to hug me I just looked I was frozen.


~ Liam ~

I put my arms out to hug her she didn't do any thing. "come in !" i said. she walked in and sat down next to me on the sofa.

Liam : look I'm sorry

me: no I'm sorry I blamed you you where doing the right thing you where truthful with me and I just ran i need to tell you something. I always felt something for you deep down when you where with Sophia . maybe butterflies i don't know but it was good.

Liam: well im happy and now my turn im sorry i burst it on you like that and i don't blame you for acting how you did i was wrong.

we talked for a while worked things out i felt a lot better i didn't know where we where right now relationship wise i liked him and he liked me. " Liam what are we ?" i asked.

"what do you mean "  i replied

"relationship wise !" she asked

" erm dating ?" i asked "if that's okay !"

"yes of course !" she said kissing me i pulled away.

" what !" she asked.

"i don't want to take advantage !" i admitted.

"aw you no your so sweet !" she said


( what do you guys think of this chapter hope you liked it took me  a long time can you comment and tell me what you think i need some advise )

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