harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


9. trouble !





It had been two weeks, two good weeks. Me Kate and the rest of the boys where getting along just like before me and Kate's relationship was still going strong and no major event's had happened. We where just about at the and of the Europe dates we only had another two weeks that sound's a lot but trust me when your doing 150 shows its nothing.


~ Tyler ~

I want her back ! I want her know ! How could she do this I've been looking for her ever since her stupid little prick of a brother became famous and had money a lot of money and know I've got her. I slammed down the "take me home" tour dates book "she's in Germany!" I sad to my friend Jacob as we waited to board the plane. "plane 403 to Munich Germany is now boarding !" said a voice from the speakers. "this is going to be ...fun !" I said smirking.

~ at the hotel~

"this is it. you ready ?" Jacob asked. " as ready as I will ever be !" I said. We walked around the hotel casually waiting for the boys to leave. "there they are Jacob !" I exclaimed. They came out of the hotel room and before the door shut I dropped by shoe jamming the door. I took my gun out my backpack and crept in the door. " did you forget something Li ?" I heard Kate ask I just laughed! "what, what's funny  ?" she asked. "it's not Liam !" I said popping my head into the bedroom. "get out why are you here just leave me alone !" she shouted . "shut it know or I will shoot get over here!" I said . she didn't move. " KNOW I said do you want to die or your precious little Liam or how about your brother Harry!" I said.


I was petrified I knew what he was capable of I have seen what he done to Tara she was my best friend he abused her. I stood their while he shouted at me paralysed with fear my hands where shaking and I went so pale. I finally took control of my body and I stepped towards Tyler what was I meant to do he had a gun and whatever else was in that backpack of his. "the handcuffs !" he said looking towards the other boy. He dug around for a while in his backpack before pulling out a pair of metal handcuffs.  He handed them to Tyler and he pushed me down on the floor and I hit my head of the radiator I let out a little yelp and he handcuffed me to the radiator pole pointing a gun at me. He left for the kitchen getting a chair this was my chance the other boy was still here but he looked about as observant as... well a blind bat. " HELP HELP !!" I screamed at the top of my voice slapping my cuffs of the radiator pole. He rushed in putting his hand over my mouth to silence the scream he eventually took his hand from my mouth and booted me in the leg than in the stomach. "we can do this the nice way where no one gets hurt or we can do it the hard way !" he said. I could feel his eyes piercing through my skin like a lazar. " what do you want Tyler !"  I asked. "pft like id tell you !"I said with a little laugh. " you know Liam and the other boys will be back and they will save me!" I said staring him in the eye! "are you kidding me them dicks couldn't save a fly !" he said. " you will see!" I said. "dick!" I whispered under my breath. "what did you just say !" he asked furious. "dick !" I said louder. He lifted his heavy boots and kicked me several times all over my body. "argh !" I screamed .

" hiya Kate were back !" I heard Liam say. yes he was back he stepped into the bedroom  and his jaw dropped Tyler now had the gun mm away from my head. "get of her leave her alone now !" Liam shouted . "you don't want to do that trust me !" Tyler replied. "why would I trust you ?" Liam shouted. "or I will shoot her!" he said smirking. At this point I saw Harry sneak into the back I hope he is going to call the police. "okay what do you want then !" Liam asked. "oh what do I want erm.... I want 100k !" he said. "you sick cunt!" I said. He kicked me again over an dover again ."stop that know !" Liam shouted. "what you going to do  huh ?" he asked. "no Liam!" I shouted he ran over to Tyler  he stretched his arm out to punch him.

BANG !!! liam fell to the floor blood poured from him all the other boys fell to their knees surrounding Liam. " NOOO LIAM ARGHHH !" I screamed I felt so angry I felt that my heart had been ripped out my chest and stamped on I tears streamed down my face "help him !" I shouted. I heard the sirens of the emergency services and so did Tyler by the looks of things "who called them !" he screamed the room fell silent the sounds of cry's echoed round the room  " WHO CALLED THEM I SAID answer me now or I will shoot every single one of you pathetic dicks !" he screeched  . soon the police burst through the door shooting Tyler ,seeing he had a gun the paramedics came and rushed Liam away on a stretcher Zayn went with him in the ambulance and Harry searched their bags for keys to the handcuffs " aha " he said finding the key he took the handcuffs of me and we got to the hospital.

I suddenly felt dizzy and before I knew it I woke up in a hospital bed. " what where am  I !" I asked I could see Louis walking in and out of my room.   " LOUIS !" I shouted he looked like he had a lot on his mind "oh yes erm your in hospital and so is Liam !" he said. or my god I stood up pulling the wires of me " get of you stupid little wires !" I shouted as one got stuck  to me I pulled it and the whole thing fell down " or great !" I wasn't in the mood right know I needed to see Liam I rushed out the room following Louis into Liam's. I was so scared that he would die I  went to speak to the doctor . "Well we have operated on Liam and erm his condition is bad we don't know what will happen we don't know if he will wake up and if he does we don't know what his condition will be like , I'm sorry!" the doctor said. I sat on the waiting chairs time passed quickly one hour 2 then 3 then 4 , 5 ,6 ,7 and still no news. The doctor came " well we have run some test's and we think he could be in a temporary coma!" the doctor said. A tear rolled down my eye ! "temporary ?" I questioned just clicking on." well it mean's he could only be in a coma for a day 4 days 5 days a week we just don't know it various from person to person !" she said.

~ 2 days later~


we cancelled the tour for obvious reasons. We all sat round his bedside with Kate gripping on tight to his hand he still hadn't woke up we had all been home except Kate she wanted to be their if he woke up." ill go and get some drinks !" Louis said breaking the silence. "ill come to !" "and me !" niall and zayn said.  Me and Kate we the only one's left in the room "harry he opened hiss eyes !" Kate shouted I didn't believe her she had been through a lot lately and to be honest I don't think he would wake up yet but it was true he was awake "hey baby I love you I'm so sorry !" Kate said. then Liam started to shake Kate ran to get a doctor and they came rushing in "what's happening ?" I asked   "Liam is having a seizers could you please step outside?" the doctor asked politely "no I need to be with Liam !" Kate shouted "come on Kate !" I said dragging her out the room . We wanted on the chairs and the others soon came back "what's happened ?" Zayn asked we explained to him and they where all worried. In 30 minutes  a doctor came out again " We have ran more test's on Liam and he is fine apart from the fact that his wound will hurt and he will be having seizers(fits) for about another two weeks then they will ware of !" she said. "so he will have to be here for another week !" Louis asked . "no you can take him home we will show you what you need to do encase of another fit and we will give you an alarm and an emergency number to call if you cant manage he will also need to take medicine for a few weeks to ware the fits of !" she said . "okay thank you !" I said.

In one hour they had everything sorted and we where ready to leave Kate held hands with Liam and we got into a jeep. "We are in a hotel here for 3 weeks until we know that Liam is properly okay and then we are going on holiday !" Niall said. We are going on a long brake to get back to how things where before.



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