harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


2. the tour








Today was just a normal day for me, the boys where starting their take me home tour in a week's time where visiting a few new places so they where exited about it.

I just about dragged myself out of bed this morning I was really tired after coming back late from clubbing last night in London. I grabbed my dressing-gown of the back of the door and climbed down the stairs. I sat down at the kitchen table with an water and some headache pills and picked up my phone.

 * 1 new messages *

El <3 :how are you ? x

me: bit of a headache ... actually wait scrap that  huge headache lol. how about you ? xx

El <3 : getting there so what you up too later xx

me: nothing that I know yet !x

El <3: well do you want to meet up for a coffee lets say 2:30 ?xx

me: okay where at x

El <3: starbucks ?xxx

me : okay meet you their bye !Xx

El <3 : bye xx


I grabbed some orange juice out the fridge and a glass and sat down at the table to drink it. After that I stumbled  upstairs into the shower to freshen-up I let the water run down my body before washing my hair and skin, I grabbed my  towel from the radiator and put it round my body I got my hairdryer out the draw and plugged it in the wall plug. I dried  my hair and put it into a messy bun, I got my white ripped skinny jeans, an orange vest top and blouse and some orange high heels. I sat down at my dressing table and applied my foundation, blusher, eye shadow , mascara and lipstick.

*phone rings*

I ran round the house searching for my phone and found it on the kitchen table.

me: hiya

el: whats happened you sound out a breath

me: oh I don't know maybe's I just ran round the whole house searching for my phone (sarcasm)

el: okay miss sarcasm

me: hah so what did you ring for

el: where are you its 2:45

me: is that the time already


me: okay I'm on my way

el: good im sat here on my own looking stupid hah

me: okay hah bye

el: seya and be quick

*call ended *

I got my bag and got into my white Audi TT I pulled up outside Starbucks I looked around to see if I could see Eleanor she was sat next to the window.I put my bag down at the table and took my purse out and walked towards the counter.  " can I help ?" the assistant asked   " oh erm a latte please!" I replied. I took my drink and sat down next to El. "so how's things ?" I asked. "good me and lou (Louis) are going out for a meal tonight !" she replied "ooh nice!" I said "so what about you what have you been up to lately?" she questioned "oh you know just the same I went out for a meal with Liam on Tuesday (it's now Saturday) " I said

we hade a catch up for 15 mins and El hade to get off she had to get ready to go out with Lou tonight. As I was driving back I to stop of at Liam's flat, he opened the door gave me a hug and we sat down in his living room. "so you okay?" I asked "Sophia has been texting !"he said looking down . "look don't let her get you down what she did was wrong she used you for money and fame (no hate to Sophia just for the story I don't mind her )   you don't need her your strong enough the right person will come along!" I reassured him. "thank you babe !" he said giving me a hug. "no problem ill always be here for you !" I said. We both got into my Audi  and drove down to Harry's it wasn't to far, when we got to Harry's we all sat down to watch a movie. "TOY STOREY !" Liam screamed. Me and Harry looked at each other " No !" we both said together. "pwease I wanna watch twoy stwory !" he said in a baby voice cuddling a  pillow. We all just burst out laughing even Liam. "good to see you happy mate !" Harry said to Liam after knowing how down he was after the whole Sophia thing "yeah" Liam replied. We put a  film in the dvd player and sat down with some blankets, hot chocolate, crisps and some chocolate. Niall and Zayn where both spending a couple of days with their family because Liam Harry and Louis had just got back from seeing their family. They where going to be away from family for a while ,because of the tour, so they where trying to spend as much time with them as they could.


~6 days later ~


We all got into Louis jeep , me and the boys , and went to the studio it was only 10 minutes away from Harry's apartment we all found apartment's pretty close together and near to the studio so that it would be easier to access the studio. I'm lucky because as one of their stylists I get to tour with them but El Perrie and Kaitlyn cant come, when we arrive at the studio we all went to the clothes department and I was styling Niall. I picked him out 2 outfits the first a white tank top with a picture on and some light blue jeans and the 2nd one some black jeans a red top and a denim jacket with black sleeves.
















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