harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


8. sooner or later.....






 It had been two months the fastest two of my life I was in such a good place right now. I got to learnt a lot more about Kate on the romantic side of things we have been spending a lot of time together and we have still managed to keep it a secret, however I do think Zayn is on to us, he's always watching us when we are together and he's been asking questions . Ino that sooner or later the time will come and someone will find out weather that's the boys or the press first I do not know but I'm scared deep down, I know that Kate is also worried but I will stay strong for her . today, tonight we start the Europe dates and to be truthful I'm really nervous some of these places I've never been before.

I sat in the bar of the hotel with my drink having a deep think. "what's  up ?" Kate asked sitting down in the chair next to me. " what how'd you mean !" I asked looking although I knew what she meant she could read me like a book  " well  confused, thinking , curious like your in trouble  ?" she asked moving closer to me now with her hand resting on my knee. " well " with our hands gripped together tightly ." I thinking about how well if someone found out about us harry would be mad !" I said looking into her beautiful eyes. "well he is going to find out some day or other and to be honest he will be mad but we will get through this ino that we will because we are strong! " I said. " I love you you know so much !" I said kissing her on lips. " I love you too !" she replied. I left Kate to talk to Niall who had just arrived in the bar and made my way to the elevator. I got out the elevator and there was a girl there she was tall with dark hair. it cant be I whispered to myself whilst getting closer to the female figure . "heya sexy !" she said. i opened my door ignoring her and shut it behind me she slid her foot into the door way catching the door ."Sophia what do you want I'm happy I've moved on its time you did the same !" I said giving her a dirty look. " I want you Liam I want my Li Li back!" she said moving closer. " no you had your chance and you wasted it you used me remember !" I asked. " I'm sorry !" she said now with our faces inches away.


I said goodbye  to Niall as he opened the door to his room I walked up to my room opening the door . I couldn't believe what I saw Liam Sophia kissing I was so shocked my face grew red with anger I felt my fingers lock together .A tear escaped from my eye I was about to run then I remembered the last time I decided to run away but how could Liam do this to me he wasn't like that. The seconds went so slow in fact second it had only been a second but then ... " what are you doing you little slut you had your chance I'm happy I've found someone and you know she makes me happy she makes me smile !" Liam said proudly. A  tear dripped from Sophia's face " oh really who is she just another waste of space like Danielle!" she said. " shut it now before I do something I regret pft I don't know how id regret it over you anyway. " he said. aw I loved him so much and he proved I could trust him I ran into the room giving him a hug he lifted me up and span me around. "or so this is your new little slut  KATE STYLES ." she said. Liam moved closer he put his hand round her neck " if you ever EVER say anything like that about my girl again and you will regret it !" he said letting go. "does harry and the other boys know about this huh !" she said after catching her breath . The room grew silent. "I guess not then..." she said marching down the corridor. "you think she will tell them !" I asked. " it will be okay !" he said pulling me into a hug. We sat there on the bed nervously waiting staring at the door... "is this true you and my sister !" Harry asked with his fists clenched. I looked at Liam and stood up walking towards Harry. " yes I'm sorry harry !" I replied. " how could you Liam how could you do this to me !" he said know in tears the other boys had arrived by now. " I'm so sorry bro !" he said . " pft bro before that meant something we where brothers but now ... now no  you have ruined it do you remember that night 16 of January 2011 ?" he asked. " no !" Liam replied they had tears rolling down there face. " 16 January the night me and you sat down we told Kate not to fall in love with any of the boys and know look ..." harry added. "look Harry I'm truly sorry. "save it ... save it for when you mess up your so called relationship with my sister , cos you will and who will be there then me !" harry said exaggerating the words so called. " harry listen !" I said. "no" harry said running out the door.  The other boys left to just after harry.


Kate broke down in tears "everyone hates me Louis Niall Zayn and even my own brother !" she said.  "don't be stupid he doesn't hate you , he loves you he loves you so much Harry is so kind and caring we will just have to make it up to him !"  I said trying my best to be supportive.

~ After 30 minutes ~

"I will get Louis Zayn and Niall we need to make it up to them before we tackle harry" I said we where going to make it right no matter what it took !  We all sat down on the bed. "why didn't you tell us ? Louis asked. "we where scared!" I said. "of what... " zayn asked. "well this that you would all hate us " we talked for a lot longer and eventually we got there . The boys left and so did Kate well Kate left to the lounge any way . An hour had passed and I was  at Harry's door waiting nervously. I knocked on the door "what do you want ?" harry asked. "look harry your not like this your sweet kind and caring you cant fall out with any of us for more than ten minutes and I know I know this time its different I know I did wrong by you but i'm just asking you if you will forgive Kate and me!" I said . " why why though Liam I told you I warned you!" he said. "I promise you I will love her forever I will never do wrong by her and I proved that today you know how you found out Sophia and you know why she was so angry she tried to kiss me she tried to get me back and I pushed her away do you know why ?" I asked. "why ?" he replied. "because I love Kate with all my heart and I would never do anything to hurt her!" I said looking into his eyes. "fine but hurt her and I will never forgive you !" he said leaning over and hugging me. " nice one bro !" I said empathising the bro part . "ha-ha I see what you did there!" harry added.

*1 new massage*

Paul : be at the airport in 20 minutes

me (Liam) : ok

don't get me wrong Paul was great but he could be a dick sometimes he never give us enough time warning. We all arrived at the airport and got into the waiting room. "Liam get here now !" paul shouted from in the back. "what !" I asked . "what the hell is this ?" he shouted slamming the sun newspaper down on the table. I read a couple of lines ' One Direction star  Liam Payne is supposable dating Kate Styles who we also know to be Harry of One Direction's sister. Sophia Smith ( ex of Liam Payne ) says "I saw Liam earlier on and he admitted to me that he was dating Kate Styles and that they where in love ". This would explain why they have been spending so much time together as we know from photo's and tweets through twitter...  " a newspaper " I replied. " don't me clever with me do you know how much aggravation this will cause the newspaper has been out 1 hour and millions of copies have been sold and thousands of tweets from fans questioning the truth." he said . "look Paul I'm sorry but I love her and that's will not change for some proxy photographers. " I said leaving the room. "I heard that Liam I believe you know !" harry smiled.



We boarded our plane flying to Amsterdam. I looked over to Kate she had tears streaming down her face . "hey what's wrong babe ?" I asked. she pointed the phone towards me I read through the tweets so did harry. "right I will send a tweet!" he said. I also looked on twitter.

are you really going out with Kate @realliampayne ?

go and die Kate I love you Liam @realliampayne

Kate you don't deserve Liam stop @realliampayne !!!

I couldn't believe how nasty these tweets where. When we got to Amsterdam we all went to the hotel. "lets play a game !" Louis asked . " you always want to play a game but okay !" Zayn replied. "ooh and lets order a pizza !" Niall added. " why am I not surprised !" harry said . "at what !" Kate asked. "well niall wants food and Louis wants to play a game !" harry said . "Truth or Dare !" Louis screamed. " aw my ears Louis !" I said and everyone laughed.

harry: Niall truth or dare"  (truth )   "pussy" Louis shouted. who is your man crush

niall : Michael Bublé .

we all burst out laughing "really" I asked "yep " niall added.

niall : Liam truth or dare (dare) swap clothes with Kate

After 5 minutes we where all ready Kate had some oversized black jeans on and a big white top she stepped out I could hear all the boys laughing " come on Liam !" Kate said. I stepped out the boys literally crying with laughter now. I was wearing a pink skater skirt 4 sizes to small and a white blouse we sat down again and took his seat.

Liam: Louis truth or dare (dare) I knew you would I dare you to (whispering so the others couldn't hear) mess up Zayn's hair.

Louis stood up suspiciously he tip toed over to zayn stood behind him and scrupled his hair zayn stood up they where now chasing each over around the room zayn had a tea towel on his head we where all dying with laughter. they eventually stopped and we carried on with the game.

Louis : Kate truth or dare ( dare ) kiss Liam for 40 seconds a full kiss.

Kate looked me in the eye we moved closer together and we kissed it was longer than a minute "come on lets leave them !" Louis said . "but I haven't had a tern !" harry said in a baby voice .

I woke up the next morning with my arms round Kate in the middle of Niall's hotel room. I stared at Kate "what" she asked. "ARGH !" I screamed. " what !" she said. "I thought you where asleep!" haha that's what you get !" she said I leant over and kissed her. "ino what we should do is niall still asleep !" I asked. "yep !" she replied. "come on !" I said. we sneaked into Niall's bedroom and hid under his bed. We heard Niall waking up . " ready!" I asked. "ready" we jumped out from under the bed niall screamed. "hhahaha you craped your self !" Kate said. "not funny!" he said. "oh it was !" I added. Me and Kate sneaked across the corridor to our room wrapped up in blankets. We had an interview to go to. "Kate there are going to be questions about you !" I said. " like what!" well they will know what Sophia said and they will want us to confirm that we are dating" I said. "I guess I can put up with that !" she replied.

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