harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


4. making it up to her !


     ~2 days later ~




 The boys had finished there shows in London and today we where going up to Scotland. Louis was really nervous just before we where going to the airport he's meeting up with El for the first time since... well you know the argument. He asked me to come, I think because I was the closest friend to El .

~2 hours later ~

Louis pulled up outside my flat I could tell he was nervous he looked handsome you could tell he made an effort for El. " so how's thing's going Lou ?" I asked entering his car. " I'm nervous really nervous I don't know what to do it's going to be really awkward!" He replied sounding stressed. "it'll be fine you will manage and you will pull through !" I replied. We stopped at the nearest store and Louis bought some flowers. It took around 5 minutes in the store a few fans found him and the photographers where taking photo's. " I wonder what tomorrow's headlines will be ' Louis begs for forgiveness with flowers' " He said in bad spirit. "Hey don't think like that look just start the car and get to the café before your late !" I said. As we arrived at the café I could see Lou looking for El she was sat at the little cornered booth. Me and Louis sat down in the in the chair across from El . " how are you ... I got you some flowers ...I'm really sorry ... I didn't mean to hurt you..." Lou let her speak !" I said interrupting. He handed he the flowers .     " Louis I know your sorry it will just take time !" El said.  " okay I just didn't want to hurt you I'm so sorry !" Lou replied he nearly broke down in tears I could see how much this meant to him. The tears in his eyes... His hands where shaking... His face went pale. The conversation went silent it was really awkward. " so ill get some drinks ... " I said breaking the silence. I went over to the counter taking my time giving them some space to talk them selves , I could see them talking I was worried Louis was going to rush back into things. I went back over Louis was now sat on the same side as El there were holding arms gazing into each others eyes." i'm so sorry" Lou whispered into her ear giving her a hug." Lou !"  I said  hinting on to take it slow. "it's okay Kate thank you though !" El said. I was so happy El was accepting Lou's hug they must be felling better. I looked at my watch " shit !" I exclaimed . " what's wrong !" Lou asked confused. " it 20 past 5 we need to get our bags and be at the airport in 10 minutes. " I said . Lou and El stood up Louis gave her a hug . " you better get going !" El said. " I love you !" he whispered in her ear . "I love you too !" she replied.


Me and Lou exited the café into the car and back to our  flats, we got our bags mine first then we got Louis from his flat we got to the airport 20 minutes late. " were have you been we thought you weren't coming ?" harry asked. " I was meeting up with El !" Louis replied. " and..." Zayn asked "well.. things are defiantly getting better !" Lou said. " good one mate !" Niall said. " flight 202 to Scotland,  Glasgow  is now boarding !" the assistant said. we had the whole plane just too us there was a lot of people traveling on the plane . Me Louis Liam Zayn Niall Harry Paul Lou (Lou Teasdale ) and a lot of other people. As you will probably guess we where travelling first class. Liam was on my left and Lou on my right I looked over too Louis he was texting El. "u okay Liam !" I asked. "yeah are you ?" he asked. " yes im fine so what you doing ?" I asked." just on twitter doing a follow spree !" he said yawning . " aw your so kind a bet you don't realise what a follow does to a fan ." I said  giving him a hug. I snuggled up to Liam leaning on his chest. " that's why I try to do follow spree's as often as possible but it's hard !" he replied . 

~arriving in Scotland ~

We arrived at the airport in Glasgow and got onto the tour buss to take us to the hotel the first show was tomorrow. "erm Kate can I have a word !" Louis asked . "of course  !" I said . "right I was thinking about asking El to come up ." Lou said . "okay yer I think you should do that !" I replied . We went back and sat down with the other boys who where watching a movie.

"lets play truth or dare !" Liam said . "okay!" Harry and Zayn said. "  alrighty then !" niall said.

"how about you Lou !" liam asked. " I think ill sit this one out if that's okay !" lou replied.

" of course!" I said. Lou left and went and laid down in the bed's.

( im gonna write like this cos it will be easier for truth or dare)

liam: okay harry truth or dare (DARE) okay I dare you to run around the bus in only your boxers

Harry stood up took of his top and trousers and ran round the bus.

harry: Niall truth or dare ( truth ) okay is it true you bought Kaitlyn some flowers and went to give them to her but a bird crapped on them so you put them in the bin ?

niall : yer I was just walking then the bird shat on them so I had to put them in the bin .

Niall: Liam truth or dare (dare) I dare you to rip your shirt of shout batman's here pick up Katy and run round with her in your arms.

Liam stood up shouted batman's here picked me up and ran around.

Liam: right zayn truth or dare ( dare ) shout vas happening then pick Harry up In your arms and shout your home baby and start making a dramatic scene

zayn stood up Harry come hear your home baby zayn said with harry in his arms I love you baby harry said wiping his eye with a tissue zayn got down on one knee harry marry me we all burst out laughing it was so funny. ( obviously they where joking ).

We sat and played truth or dare for another 15 minutes until we got to the hotel. " okay we have put you in pairs to go into the hotel room Harry your with Zayn, Niall your with Louis and Liam I hope you don't mind your with Kate ino I can trust you two Harry you and zayn  will be in room 303 Louis you and Niall will be in 306 and Liam you and Kate  will be in 311 and im in 401 on the next floor. Me and Liam ran up and opened our door. " or no !" Liam said as he saw the room. " what's happened love ?" I asked. " it's only a double bed shall I go and ask them to find us another room I can ask if you want ." Liam said.      "Liam chill I know your trying to be nice but it's okay they mustn't of had any more single bed room's or Paul would of got us one." I said. " are you sure !" Liam asked. "or your so thoughtful but we will be fine.!"

~ 2 hours later ~

* knock at the door *

"I'll get that !" I said. I opened the door. " oh hey Lou !" I said . " can you Liam meet me down stairs in 15 minutes ." He said. " yes of course!" I said . "okay bye!" Louis said walking back down the corridor. "liam !" "yeah babe !" "we gotta go see Lou downstairs in 15 mins.

~15 minutes later ~

Me and Liam got into the lift. "so what do you think Lou want's !" Liam asked . "I don't know !" I replied. As we got downstairs Louis was stood with El. " ive got you a hotel room on your own I don't want to take advantage I just want to spend more time with you !" Louis said.

 "thank you !" El said. "So what are you to I mean friend's good friend's boyfriend/girlfriend !" Liam asked. "Liam !" I said hitting him playfully. " what !" he said acting innocent." no its allright I guess we are dating !" El said suddenly a smile grew on Louis face.



















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