harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


1. Introduction to me !


             ~ Kate~


Hi my name is Kate Styles yes Styles I'm Harry's sister and I'm 19 years old I also work with the band, I'm their  stylist. I live fairly close to the boys we all live in our own flats not far from the studio. I really love working with the band I get to travel the world and meet some amazing people. Its normal now because I have worked with them for 2 years and we are all very close. I love all the boys Liam is really funny always playing pranks as are the other boys but he also works really well. Niall well you hear him coming from a mile away in a good way he's always cheerful. However in the early years of the band he used to cry a lot , which is not a bad thing, I would ask him what's wrong  and he would say how all the fans would always hug the others but not him and get photo's with all the other members but not him. Zayn when you first meet him keeps himself to himself but he soon comes out his shell and is playing jokes just like the other boys. Louis well he's Louis I don't think he needs much explaining and finally harry I obviously have a special brotherly relationship with him. The boys are just the same as seen in a media perception they are all very normal just a big lads holiday with a lot of work involved as they say. Oh and did I mention El (Eleanor)  Perrie and Kaitlyn. They are the boys girlfriends and my 3 best mates my life is amazing right now and I don't want anything to happen to it. El lives with Louis and Kaitlyn lives with Niall and of course Perrie and Zayn live together. Perrie is away right now touring with little mix. I feel for Zayn and Perrie when Zayn's not touring Perrie is and they barely get any time together. Oh and did I mention that Kaitlyn is also Louis sister . Well that's my life at the moment so . . .

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