harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


6. im so stupid !





Yesterday was amazing I loved spending time with Kate she's beautiful. I really love her and it's driving me crazy I just want to burst out in tears and yesterday when them girls where shouting at her I was so upset . It wasn't her fault it's was mine she would of been so upset but I know she strong. My emotions are so mixed. I feel so guilty she thinks we are just friend's just going out having a laugh and having a good time which we are but I wish we could go out as more than that, more than friend's.


I work up this morning feeling so down so unhappy I didn't know what to do. I got ready grabbed my keys took my phone from the bedside table. I went out locking the door behind me, I went straight out the back of the hotel and into a taxi as we drove past the front of the hotel the paparazzi's flashed their cameras taking photo's. I guess I didn't look to good right now. We had another show tonight the first of two in Scotland. "you know any where quiet round here ? where no one goes ?" I asked the taxi driver. " well I do know one place !" he replied in a strong Scottish accent. " okay cool take me there what is it !" I said . "its a little park in a small town !" he added.

About thirty five minutes later we arrived at a small park in the middle of no where it had a little bench two swings and a slide it was mainly just trees and bushes all the way around closing it off from the rest of the world which is just what I need right now. "is his okay lad ?" the driver asked. "yes perfect thank you how much is that ?" I asked . "erm actually I was wondering if you could do me a favour ?" the driver asked. " what ?" I replied. "well my daughter is a massive fan could you sign this and maybe if I record you could you say somethink to her her name's Chloe !" he asked. " of course... Hi Chloe I heard your a big fan well I just want to say Love you and your awesome your dad told me your coming to the show tonight I hope you like it !" I said as he recorded me. "so how much !" I asked . "no don't be silly lad free do you know how much that would mean to my Chloe !" he said . "no here £50 is that enough its not like I have no money anyways thank you !" I said leaving the taxi.

I sat down on the bench and my phone went of . I took it out my pocket and opened it up. 1 new message :

Kate :  where the heck are you the boys haven't seen you Paul hasn't seen you I'm worried sick .

I was unsure what to do I didn't know what to do. I don't know if I should tell her where I am weather I should just say I'm fine.

me : I'm fine don't worry x

Kate :good where are you Liam x

me : I'm not sure a little park somewhere don't worry x

Kate: why have you left when are you coming back x

me: trust me I'm fine ill be back in time for the show I gotta go sorry x

Kate : okay bye don't be late xx

As I relaxed on the bench hoping my thought's would just go away I heard a noise a rustling in the bushes ... how could the paps of found me ? I asked myself . A young girl about 14-16 stepped out of the bushes she had blonde hair and blue eyes she was wearing some skinny jeans Nike blazers and a jack wills jacket. " OMG OMG OMG I this really you ?" the girl asked. "yes its me !" I replied standing up to give her a hug. she took her phone out her pocket and took some photo's of us. "argh !" she screamed " I cant believe I met you I mean seriously I love you !" she burst out crying " sorry I'm probably scaring you right now !" she said wiping away her tears ! "no not at all its fine come and sit down !" I said I guess I couldn't spend the whole day on my own. "so how come your here ?" she asked me.


... : so how come your here

me: hang on wait what's your name im ....

.... : ino who you are your Liam Liam Payne sorry write fan girl down ( she whispered ) I'm Devon

me : okay lovely name

devon : thank you so  why are you here

me: oh erm just to get away from things for a bit

me and Devon (the fan ) chattered for a while and you know she made me realise something live for now because everything else is  un certain which is something the  old Tommo used to .. well still does say.

~6 hours later ~

we arrived back from the arena and I stumbled into the lounge and sat down tears streaming down my face. I couldn't stop I don't know why I was thinking of Kate and what that fan said to me earlier.

~ Kate ~

As I walked through the door I heard Liam crying I rushed into the lounge and sat down next to him I didn't know what had happened. Did something happen at the concert ? Has he fallen out with the boys ? Is it me ? the questions swirled round in my head the same thought's over and over again. Something wasn't right. There was so much tension in the room. " Liam hunny whats wrong !" I asked feeling his hurt. He didn't answer I was getting really worried . "come on tell me you know I'm here for you forever and always remember !" I said. forever and always is what we used to say in the early days me and Liam were so close then. It meant that we  would always confind in each other we share all our secrets everything .  " Liam please answer me !" I added . he sat there. silent. motionless. "Liam answer me what's wrong !" I continued to ask. " LIAM !" I said firmly. " Kate  I'm sorry !" he just about managed to get the words out . " why what's happened come on !" I asked  . " no ... !" he replied. " Liam I swear to god tell me !" I said I was so worried about him. " Kate I don't know how to say this ...... "come on " I .... I  ... I ... I love you !" he said. what ? who ? why? since when ? is this true? I was so shocked I was paralysed with shock. When I finally got the courage the strength to move and talk I didn't know what to do know I got up out the door I ran in a taxi and to ... well I don't really know another hotel some where. I know im stupid and if any of the fans find out id get death threats and everything but most of all if a fan got a chance for Liam to say that to them they would jump at the chance. But no me I ran I don't know why.


~liam ~

what have I done I've scared her away what's harry going to say he'll fall out with me omg what have I done. I picked up my phone and rang zayn

me: zayn can you come down to my room now please.

*call ended*

after a couple minutes zayn arrived . " what's happened !" zayn asked. " she's gone it's all my fault please don't tell no one what should I do ?" I asked panicking. " wait who's gone ?" he asked . " k..kate !" I said. "what how.. never mind  ok !" he added. "but zayn what should I do !" I asked . "give her a day then if she is not back then start to worry for now  have you ate (no) look grab some cereal then go to sleep ?" he said . "thank bro don't tell any one please !" I said . "I wont anyway why did she leave ?" he asked . " good and er ill tell you later !" I said.


zayn left I felt much better but I was worried about her where was she  ?










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