harry's not gonna be happy !

this story is about a young girl Kate Harry styles sister (yes another sister) Harry is more like a father than a brother he warns her not to fall in love with any of the boys but can she stick to her word . . .


3. I'm so sorry !




    ~  Liam ~


Today was the big day . We were all nervous but at the same time so so exited. We had never done a tour this big before, we where doing something like a hundred and fifty odd shows all over the world. We had to get to the studio and get ready for the first show which was in London tonight.

The taxi pulled up outside I grabbed my keys, phone and wallet of the table and headed outside. As I stepped out of my flat the pap's where taking photo's and there were some fan's wanting photo's and autographs , I stopped and took photo's and sighed thing's with the fans then got into the taxi.Within 10 minutes we arrived at the studio, I walked down to the dressing room and where Harry and Zayn where  After an hour we where all ready and headed to the arena and did a run through of the show. However to be honest we kind off just go with it when we do the show we have some structure but we just carry on with the rest.

It was about an hour until the first show and the arena was nearly full. "let's have a run through off little things!" Zayn suggested. " Yer little things!" Niall added. "One Direction . . . please head onto the stage !" the manager said about 30 minutes later. It was time ino we have done a tour before but it's still all very nerve-racking to be playing to all them people. On the stage we sang a few song's then read out some tweets and then some more song's it didn't quite go like that but that was the basic structure of the show. There is always an amazing buzz when we go on stage it is just awesome when all the fans sing!

"lets go out tonight !" Louis said. " I'm up for it !" harry replied ! "how about you are you coming !" I asked Kate. "may as well either that or sitting at home with a DVD and a box of chocolate's !" I added.

~a hour later ~


    ~ Kate ~


       I took my phone out my pocket and rang the taxi. I was wearing a short tight black dress and some sparkly heels. It wasn't long before the taxi arrived and dropped me off at the club where I saw the boys." woah  you look amazing !" Liam said. "thank you babe !" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. As we entered the club Louis headed straight over to the bar and got a round of drinks... "3. . .2 . . .1 down it !" Louis screamed. We all downed out drinks and Harry was the first to down his follow by Liam. Liam , Louis and Harry are the one's most likely to get drunk then  Zayn, and Niall doesn't drink much. Within 30 minutes Liam Harry Louis and Zayn where drunk. We headed over to the dance floor and started to dance. "no please say this is not happening !" I whispered to myself. I walked over to the other end of the dance floor. " what the hell do you think your doing are you stupid your got a girlfriend !" I whispered pulling him over to a seat. " who is she ?" I asked . " I don't know God ! " he said. " don't God me stop being so stupid your got a lovely girlfriend at home !" I added. Louis broke down in tears .. " what have I done im the worst boyfriend ever !" Louis replied. "come here " I said giving him a hug "we will fix this!" I said to him. "thank you !" he said. Louis stood up and went and sat in the corner he got his phone out his pocket with tears streaming from his face. I went over and sat next to him. " what you doing !" I asked. "just looking photo's of me and El I miss her so much !" he said. I really felt for him. " look we will make it better but we have got to tell her before she see's you and that girl dancing with your arm's around her waist in a paper !" I said .  "No you cant please we cant tell her she will break up with me!" he said. " yes but if she see's in the paper you will never make up again!"i said . " I ..I..i .. was going to ask her to marry me !" he said. " wh.. wha.. wh.. what !" I said felling shocked. "yes exactly !" said with his hands over his face. " okay listen you will get through this and I will help !" I said " first tell her to meet you at the apartment !" I said. " but.. "just do it !" I said.


Louis rang El


Louis: hey babe

El: hiya what's wrong you seem upset

Louis : erm er just are you at home?

El: yer why

Louis : ill be there in 5 mins love you bye

el: love you bye


Louis and I set of in the taxi to his flat. He got his keys and opened the door El came and gave him a big hug. They sat down on the sofa's in the living room. I left the room and gave them some space.

~30 minutes later~

I could hear them both crying ..  " I was drunk please I didn't know what I was doing I love you!" Louis shouted as El left the flat. " I'm sorry Lou it will get better!" I said . " I'll be fine !" he said wiping away his tears "just go !".  I felt bad but I knew this was better than her finding out from someone else or something else .

The next day I met up with El in a café. "Look you gotta understand Louis loves you with all his heart !" I said. " I just need some time alone !" Eleanor said . " I understand but promise me you will try to get together with him again !" I asked. "okay !" she replied. " He was drunk and it was just a dance !" I added trying to make the situation better . " and im his girlfriend am I not good enough ?"she asked . " of course you are better than good enough your perfect for him you know that !" I said.


we chatted for a while longer than I left as did she. I went back to my flat rang Liam and asked him too come round. They had another show tonight still in London then they where going up to Scotland. I was wondering how Louis would manage with the show tonight.


*knock at the door *

I walked through the hall to the front door and let Liam in , I told him what had happened and he was really shocked. "So have they split up ?" Liam asked. " I don't know I'm trying my best to get them back together anyway want to watch a movie before we get to the studio before the show !" I said. "okay!" he seemed upset he always got worried about the other boys. " Toy Story ?" I asked. " YES!" he said seeming more cheerful. I put the DVD  on and we watched that by the end Liam fell asleep leaning on me. "Liam wake up we need to get to the studio!" I said. " wh. . . what oh right studio yeah " he said we got into his car and got to the studio. "You alright bro Kate told me what happened !" Liam asked Louis. "not really but ill be okay!" he said.











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