The Bridge (on hold)

It all started off with a simple thought,which turned into reality..the next thing I know I'm stood on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I take my last breath before I'm ready to plunge into the water below me.

My foot is on the ledge,half of it was poking over actually,with one slip I would fall to my death.

My last thought would be of my baby sister Autumn she was only 7,so cute and innocent,I was only 11 year's older then her.

I took a deep breath and let my hair down,feeling the full breeze from being so high up,I slowly leaned forwards,starting my free fall into the murky water.

But before my feet could even leave the red bar,I was dragged over the railings and pressed to the floor.

No,they ruined everything.

I looked up slowly as I took a shaky breath and I instantly caught sight of a pair of honeycomb eyes,staring at me with such anger.


*May be emotional at times,viewers digression is advised*

Original production of Shawtyyymane_


3. Starbucks and Dirty Chucks


I sighed,another day at work. 


I was currently working in Starbucks as a part time job,I was soon to be working somewhere better..I'm sure of it. 


But right now I guess I was okay with working boss isn't a bitch,most of the time. 


''Ash..there's a table over there waiting to order.'' Kirsten,my manager spoke. 


''Okay.'' I replied,trotting off in direction of the table which looked like it was vacated by a bunch of teenage boys. 


''Hey guys,may I take your order?'' I asked,getting out my notepad. 


They began snickering and I finally looked up to see most of them wearing sunglasses and hoodies. 


''Would you mind taking those off?'' I asked,pointing to the shades and hoods. 



''Why sweet,does it intimidate you?'' One snickered. 



''Please just take them off.''I replied,more firmly this time. 


''Babe chill,just order our shit and go.'' One chuckled,propping his feet up on the table. 


''Get your feet off,now.'' I hissed,swatting him. ''If you don't treat this place with any respect then I'll kick you out.'' I added. 


''Nobody kicks us out.'' 


''Well I can..and I will if I have to,act your age not your shoe size okay boys?'' I rolled my eyes,shaking my head before I began to walk away. 


''Nice ass babe.'' One wolf whistled.


''Don't's not yours to see.'' 


''Trust me,it will look like an easy fuck'' One smirked,getting up from the booth. 


''Hey bro...sit down,don't disrespect her.'' 


I looked at the boy who said that but he too was covering his face,I just rolled my eyes and turned away from them. ''Yeah...listen to that...boy.'' 


''I have a name.'' 


''That's cool,me too.'' I chuckled before walking out back. 


''Kirsten...can you serve table 4,I need to go to the bathroom.'' I lied.


''No,you went 10 minutes are not a pregnant lady so there's no excuse.'' She replied firmly.


I rolled my eyes and walked back out and went to serve another table.


But before I could write anything down I felt something hit the back of my head,I turned around and saw half a cookie on the floor,I growled and walked back over to table 4. 


''Get out,all of you.'' I hissed. 


''Woah...feisty.'' One chuckled,which seemed to be the douche of the group. 


''Want me to ban you from here?'' 


''Go for it..that ain't gonna do shit.'' 


''Alex stop being a dick,get your ass outside,this is my local Starbucks and your fucking ruining it for me.'' one of them growled.


''Chill Dickweed,I'm just messing...she knows that.'' He laughed,looking over at me. 


''Uh actually,I don't...calling me an easy fuck isn't something you exactly call 'messing' I haven't done anything to you and you disrespect me,get out I don't want to see any of you boys in here again.'' I spat,escorting them out the front of the shop.


''You'll regret that,baby.'' He smirked,walking over to me and wrapping his finger around my curl. 


I pushed him away and shook my head. ''Don't touch me.'' 


''So what would happen If I did?'' 


''I'll beat you the fuck up Alex,leave the girl alone..god damn your fucking annoying.'' One of the boys hissed,pushing  the 'Alex' kid up again the wall. 


He looked pretty angry and Alex's grin was wiped off his face,good smug little bitch.


Alex pushed the boy off him and walked away. 


I gulped just as all the others walked away apart from the boy who was sticking up for me. 


''Sorry about that.'' He replied. 


''It's fine..hey- thanks for sticking up for me'' 


''No problem sweetheart.'' He chuckled. 


''So what's your name?'' I asked him. 


''Ju- uh...Jason.'' He murmured,scratching the back of his neck. 


I noticed a couple of tattoo's on his arm,I turned my gaze away once he noticed me staring. 


''What about you?'' He asked. 


''Ashley- hey..can you take off your hood and shades now?''I asked.


''Why feel intimidated?''He smirked. 


I nodded my head. 


He sighed. ''You're not going to like this.'' 


I frowned but instantly knew what he was on about when he took off his hood,showcasing that soft brown quiff of hair I saw last night. 


His honeycomb eyes did it for me,I knew exactly who it was. 


oh no..





so this is officially the first sorta chapter,I'm sorry it's so bad but I'm so tired and I have a cold so I kept sneezing whilst writing this lol,so,yeah:/ 


I'm awkward sorreh.








Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


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