The Bridge (on hold)

It all started off with a simple thought,which turned into reality..the next thing I know I'm stood on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I take my last breath before I'm ready to plunge into the water below me.

My foot is on the ledge,half of it was poking over actually,with one slip I would fall to my death.

My last thought would be of my baby sister Autumn she was only 7,so cute and innocent,I was only 11 year's older then her.

I took a deep breath and let my hair down,feeling the full breeze from being so high up,I slowly leaned forwards,starting my free fall into the murky water.

But before my feet could even leave the red bar,I was dragged over the railings and pressed to the floor.

No,they ruined everything.

I looked up slowly as I took a shaky breath and I instantly caught sight of a pair of honeycomb eyes,staring at me with such anger.


*May be emotional at times,viewers digression is advised*

Original production of Shawtyyymane_


6. Setting fire to our insides for fun

Note to reader:

hey guys,so this chapter will be emotional so I want you to listen to this song..

(Youth- Daughter )while you read,I think it kinda suits the mood and the lyrics are mentioned in yeah,please put it on repeat when you read this,depending on how long the chapter is..thank you:)

if this works..then the link will be here (for computer users) ..







''Why are you always near me somehow?'' I shouted as I saw his figure sit on the bridge opposite me.


I saw his head slowly look up and a sparkle lit up in his eyes as the moonlight shone above us.


''Your a bitch,you know that?'' He replied,twiddling his thumbs in his hand as his hood masked his face. 


I laughed bitterly. ''Like to elaborate on that?'' 


''All I do is be nice to you,I've saved your life for fuck sake..and you repay me in insults.'' He growled,pulling on the strings of his hoodie. 


''Don't you get the hint? I don't want to speak to you..ever,so stop being nice and fuck off to someone elses rescue.'' 


Justin  held in a breath and jumped down from the wooden bridge and onto the park floor,he shoved his hands in his pocket and walked over to the gate. ''Your just setting fire to your insides for fun.'' He croaked,walking away from me. 


I got up off the swing. ''Wait!'' I called. 


What did he mean?


''Come back here!'' I yelled once again. 


''Leave me alone.'' He hissed,turning around and throwing up his middle finger. 


I was in shock.


''Just...please! come back.'' I replied. 


''I need to get home.'' He replied,stopping in his tracks. 


I ran over to the gate and pulled it open before I walked over to him stopping right behind him. ''Then why did you stop?'' I whispered. 


He turned his head to the side and breathed out. ''What do you want?'' 


''I just want to know what you meant...'' 


''Well figure it out.'' 


''You will tell me.'' I demanded. 


He just chuckled and began walking again,I kept up with him as he pulled his hood more over his face,shadowing his gorgeous eyes away from me- fuck,what am I saying?


''It's just..your being stubborn,really..really stubborn.'' He shrugged,walking down a shadowed pavement and back towards my block. 


''How? please elaborate on that.'' 


''What I mean is that people do good for you..and you repay them in abuse...your setting fire to your insides,for fun....your hurting yourself for fun.'' 


''How dare you! this is real fucking life...people have problems which they cant overcome..I'm one of them-'' 


''So you're going to be a coward and choose the easy option?'' He asked quietly,walking to a middle of a wooden bridge above a stream and sitting down on the corner. 


My mouth opened in disbelief and I stopped in my tracks. ''Excuse me?'' 


''God put you on this earth for a reason..what's the point in ending your life when you have so much to live for?'' 


I sat down next to him and looked down into the stream,seeing the small ripples of water catching the reflection of the moon. 


''I have nothing to live for.'' I whispered,placing my hands on the wooden bar in front of me.


''That's bull-'' 


''Who are you to fucking judge my life?'' I snapped,suddenly facing him. 


''I'm not..but weather you like it or not...I'm apart of it now.'' He smiled slightly,staring at the murky water below us. 


''What makes you think that?'' 


''I saved you,I'm not leaving you alone until I know that you won't do it again.'' 


''I won't do it again.''


''Words don't mean have to show it.'' He replied,taking hand off his lap and resting it next to mine on the floor. 


I moved my hand away and looked away. ''There's nothing to show...if you don't believe me then walk away.'' 


''I can't walk away.'' 




''I just can't...I feel like if I do,you'll do something stupid.'' 


''No body cares anyway.'' 


''I do.'' 


''Don't fool yourself,no body cares unless your beautiful or dead..but even if I did go,No one would miss me.'' 


''You wanna know what I think?'' 


I looked over at him,waiting for him to continue. 


''I think that you are the prettiest girl I've ever set my eyes upon.'' 


I laughed bitterly. ''I'm not pretty.'' 


''Your right...your absolutely beautiful.'' 


''Not even you can make me believe that.'' I whispered,turning to look at him. 


He clenched his jaw and put his hand back into his lap. ''You gotta believe it.'' 


I shook my head. ''I've been told I was ugly,worthless...a disgrace half of my you really think that you can just walk into the picture and make me believe such an absurd thing?'' I laughed bitterly. ''Well your wrong,no matter how hard you try to convince me otherwise,I will always be ugly.'' I murmured,watching a leaf sail down the stream until it was out of my sight. 


Justin caught my attention when he continuously stared at me,making me more insecure than ever.


''Who made you feel like this?'' 




There was an eerie silence from this point onwards,and I wanted nothing more than to get up and run..but I couldn't.


''Society killed the teenager huh?'' He murmured,glancing at me as he put his hands into his pockets. 


I just looked over at him,wanting nothing more for him to shut up. 


''That's what pisses me off.'' He continued. ''How such a stunning girl could feel so worthless and not wanted,this was caused by the people around you...maybe even your classmates if I'm right.'' 


Yes,your exactly right. 


''What makes me sick is how fucked up society is...the word 'ugly' rolls off the tongue like an every day word.'' He began to laugh. ''But's just the exterior that counts...the personality and traits people hold isn't important any fit in with this society you need to be pretty and skinny...the less food you eat,the more you're excepted.'' He seethed through gritted teeth. ''It makes me sick.'' 


I couldn't help but let a tear pour down from my eye,he's right...that's exactly what counts now-a-days. 


His eyes suddenly flickered over to me and he sighed. 


''I know you don't want me to get involved,but I know you need a friend right now..and I'm willing to be that person..I'm willing to earn your trust..'' 


I looked over at him. ''Thanks.'' I smiled lightly,this was the first time I've smiled in a while.


It kinda felt good...


Justin smiled knowing he saw me crack one too. ''You have a beautiful smile.'' 



''Thanks.'' I croaked,looking back down at the water. 



As time passed I began to talk,not really knowing what was going to escape next.


''You know,I've always been the second little sister,she was always the perfect little daughter.'' 


Justin brought his gaze away from the water and looked at me straight in the eyes. 



''She was daddy's little sweetheart....she got all the love,and there was none left for me.'' I continued,another tear making its way down my face. 



''Until this day,I'm always the 'other daughter' I'm a failure to my dad and he always thinks I make the worst decisions. I'm ignored and pushed aside...I'm a failure.''


Justin noticed the rapid tears falling from my eyes so he pulled me over towards him and side hugged me. 


''Shh shh,your not a failure...'' He whispered,smoothing my hair down with his warm palms.


''I am don't get it...this is exactly why I shouldn't be here...everyone hates me.'' 


Justin sighed. ''I don't....hate you.'' He whispered before I felt something wet come in contact with my hair. 


''Why are you being so nice?''


''Because I care about you.'' 


''Everyone who's said that has left me in the why should I believe you?'' He replied,pulling out from his grip and staring into his eyes,trying to find a hint of lying. 


But he was sincere and honest. ''You have to believe me..I've never not kept a promise Ashley,I'm not like that.'' 


''How can I be so sure.''


''I will show you some how,but I'm not giving up on you.'' 




this chapter was quite emotional to be honest...


Authors note:


I'm sorry but quite recently I've been having writers block..and because I've been talking to hearts4life<3 and my other bezzie,but anyways...sorry for the lack of updates.


I might update tomorrow if your lucky..


I may have homework tho:)


thanks for reading'xo 


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