The Bridge (on hold)

It all started off with a simple thought,which turned into reality..the next thing I know I'm stood on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I take my last breath before I'm ready to plunge into the water below me.

My foot is on the ledge,half of it was poking over actually,with one slip I would fall to my death.

My last thought would be of my baby sister Autumn she was only 7,so cute and innocent,I was only 11 year's older then her.

I took a deep breath and let my hair down,feeling the full breeze from being so high up,I slowly leaned forwards,starting my free fall into the murky water.

But before my feet could even leave the red bar,I was dragged over the railings and pressed to the floor.

No,they ruined everything.

I looked up slowly as I took a shaky breath and I instantly caught sight of a pair of honeycomb eyes,staring at me with such anger.


*May be emotional at times,viewers digression is advised*

Original production of Shawtyyymane_


2. Prologue


''So...Ashley..tell me everything about how it happened.'' Laken smiled,glancing at me as he got ready to type on his computer. 


''I warn you's a long story.'' I smirked,fiddling with my fingers as I sat in the visitor chair,waiting for him to continue.


''Oh don't worry...I certainly have enough,where did it start?'' He asked me,cracking his knuckles before peering at the keyboard.


I just looked at him,a small smile forming on my face as I took in his features..he looked a bit like Erwin off Suit life of Zac and Cody but this time had way more hair..and he wasn't a janitor,he was really important to me in fact. 


He adjusted his glasses on the tip of his nose and rolled his head over his shoulders as I continued to think.


I knew I was ready to tell the world...I knew I was.


''This is the first time I've told this story Laken..don't miss a thing out,it's important to me.'' I warned,sitting up in the chair. 


''I promise.'' 


I smiled and cleared my throat. '' it all happened on a Thursday night..I don't know why..I just think Thursday's are really freaky days...well,anyways. I recently had a massive fight with my Dad and stormed out the house,I was feeling suicidal for a couple of months before..the stress of school and everything was too much-'' I coughed feeling this subject quite upsetting to me. 



''It's alright..I'll give you some time if you want.'' 


''No...I'm ready.'' I replied,twiddling the ring on my finger absent-mindedly.


''I was walking across the bridge one evening and suddenly had the urge to get closer to the edge,you look down,I didn't want to end my life that night,I wasn't ready....but I did, was a near hit with me,I could of gone from the face of the earth.'' I whispered,looking out onto the busy streets of San Francisco behind Laken and looking at each individual car crossing the Golden Gate Bridge..


I felt sick every time I looked over there,it brought back so many memories.


''That night I got hate messages from an unknown number on my dad was also texting me telling me to come home..he was drinking that night and he would never hit me,but it looked like he would there...I didn't want to be around him anymore so I walked out..I was walking for about 40 minutes and by the time I reached the centre of the Bridge it was 12:45 at night,I wanted to see the lights reflect off the water and when I climbed over the bar I got thoughts...I thought that if I've got this far,I may as well die...I mean,I never thought of commiting suicide off Golden Gate but at the time it seemed so I took my iphone out my pocket and slit it through the bars and onto the concrete,for anyone to take if they wanted it,I turned around and lost my balance once or twice but I steadied myself..I didn't hear anyone coming,I thought there would be no one paying attention to jumpers because it was dark,but obviously not.'' I sniffed.


Laken nodded for me to continue,and I did.




I slowly looked over the bridge and took a deep breath..this is it.


I will leave his earth with a smirk on my face,a big fuck you to My dad and Jake,and all the other fuckers who ever made me feel like this...well now they've got what they want.



My last thought switched to my baby sister Autumn..she was only 7,so cute and innocent..she had long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes,a cute little smile that would make anyones day,she was the perfect child...loved by everyone. 


I slowly took a breath and let down my long brown hair,it fluttered on my shoulders and slightly tickled my elbows as a gust of wind was sent my way,I smiled and shut my eyes...this was the perfect moment.


I leaned forwards ready to start my free fall into the murky water..but it never happened.


Instead  I was hauled over the red bars and pinned to the floor aggressively.


How could they do this?


My head was hurting so bad,it crashed into the ground from the impact of the body diving on top of me.


I slowly opened my eyes,my breathing erratic as I looked up into this strangers eyes.


''Why.'' He growled,staring at me with a blank expression. ''Why would you do this.'' 


''You don't know me.'' I whimpered,feeling my eyes let loose the tears I tried desperately to keep in tonight. 


He stared at me,licking his lips,tightening his grasp on my wrists,my newly fresh cuts tingling at his touch.


''I hate you.'' I stated,biting my lip so no more tears could fall.''I hate you for stopping me,I hate you for noticing me and I hate you for taking away my only opportunity,I fucking hate you.'' I growled,trying my hardest to scratch his gorgeous face,but he was too strong.


He looked deep into my brown orbs,but I didn't return the favour. 


''Look at me.'' He whispered. 


I continued to stare at the boat in the distance through the bars. 


''Look at me.'' He stated. 


I turned to look at him. ''I will get you help,I promise.'' 


''I don't need help from you.'' 


''Then who do you need help from?'' He asked. 


''No one..I don't need anyone.'' 


''Everyone needs someone.'' 


''Well I don't need you.'' 


''I never said you did..but I can promise you we can sort this through together.'' 


I looked at him and began to laugh. ''Who do you think you are?'' I asked. ''Who do you think you are coming into my life and expecting me to give you my trust? you stopped me from doing the one thing that would make me happy...are you glad you took that opportunity from someone? are you glad I have to wait for the next time to come around now...I would of done it you know,but you fucking dragged me over here and you tell me we will get through this together? you don't know anything about don't know what i've been through and you don't know my fucking story,how fucking dare you.'' I hissed,finaly pushing him off and quickly getting up.


I ran to the edge and grabbed my purse before I began to run down the pathway.


''Don't give up.'' I heard him taunt. 


''I will if I want to..and there's nothing you can do to stop me.''




Hey guys this is such a bad prologue but I wanted to show you what it's Ashley's met Justin...


what do you think?


first chapter up on 14th February<3







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