The Bridge (on hold)

It all started off with a simple thought,which turned into reality..the next thing I know I'm stood on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I take my last breath before I'm ready to plunge into the water below me.

My foot is on the ledge,half of it was poking over actually,with one slip I would fall to my death.

My last thought would be of my baby sister Autumn she was only 7,so cute and innocent,I was only 11 year's older then her.

I took a deep breath and let my hair down,feeling the full breeze from being so high up,I slowly leaned forwards,starting my free fall into the murky water.

But before my feet could even leave the red bar,I was dragged over the railings and pressed to the floor.

No,they ruined everything.

I looked up slowly as I took a shaky breath and I instantly caught sight of a pair of honeycomb eyes,staring at me with such anger.


*May be emotional at times,viewers digression is advised*

Original production of Shawtyyymane_


7. Midnight Memories


After me and Justin chilled at the park we went our separate ways,I climbed in through my window and Justin was...hopefully,at home. 


It had been hours since I spotted Justin at the local park and I couldn't help but think about all the thing's he promised me. 


Would he really help me? would he really be there?


I had no idea...but I just hope I'm being careful,just in case he doesn't stick to his words like everyone else and leaves me heartbroken. 


It was almost midnight and I had almost drifted off to sleep when I heard taps on my window. 


What the fuck?


I rubbed my eyes and climbed out of my comfy comforter,dragging my numb feet over towards my huge curtain covered window. 


I pulled them back slightly just incase a mass murderer was chilling there,waiting for me to show my innocent face. 


but when I looked out,there was nothing there,I frowned but just as I was about to turn around a small pebble was pelted at my window.


If the glass hadn't been there it would of hit me directly in the middle of my forehead. 


I gasped and stumbled back,loosing my footing and tumbling to the floor. 


''What the fuck.'' I hissed,rubbing my knee that grazed the hard wooden floor.


I slowly got up and opened up my window,ready to cuss out the idiot who made me cut my knee.


''What the fuck do you think-'' 


I immediately stopped myself once I realised Justin was the one throwing rocks. 


All my anger passed out of my body and I instantly felt happy once Justin grinned up at me. ''I missed you.'' He simply replied,before he ran over to a tree and began to climb. 


Whilst he was climbing I tiptoed over to my door and locked it in fear of my Dad walking in and shooting Justin out of the house. 


He never liked his girls associating with boys.


''What are you doing here so late?'' I whisper yelled. 


Justin merely looked over to my clock before he smirked. ''Last time I checked,midnight wasn't exactly late.'' He laughed. 


I rolled my eyes and shut my window once he was fully inside my room. 


''Care to explain the random urge to see me at this hour?'' 


''I don't house gets pretty lonely with my mom doing all day shifts..she spends the rest of the night sleeping so I barely see her.'' 


''What about your dad.'' 


''He lives with his wife Erin and my sister and bro.'' 


''I'm sure you can visit them.'' 


''No..not when the live miles and miles away from me.'' He sighed,falling back onto my bed. 


He began to smirk before he jumped on the bed. ''This bed is hella comfy.'' 


I laughed,sitting down next to him. ''I know.'' 


Justin fake yawned and fell back onto my pillow. ''Sleep for daysss.'' He whispered,pulling my blankets from under my ass and wrapping himself up in them. 


''So your just gonna come to my house..and sleep.'' 


''No I just wanted to do that..I'm over it now.'' He laughed,sitting up. 


''You're so weird.'' 


''Don't act like you don't like it.'' He smirked.


Justin leaned over and grabbed my Tv remote,he turned on my Tv. 


''MIDNIGHT MEMORIES...OOOH OH OH,BABY YOU AN-'' The Tv boomed,I gasped and grabbed the remote off Justin shutting off the Tv before I slapped him in the head. 


''You idiot! my dad must of heard that.'' 


''I'm sorry.'' He chuckled,taking off his vans and flinging them across the room,He got up off the comforter and crawled under it,lying back on my pillow. 


''Make yourself at home why don't you.'' I growled. 


''Not my fault you-''


''Ashley? Honey is everything alright? why are you awake so late?'' My dad asked from outside the door. 


''Sorry left my controller on the bed and I rolled over when I was sleeping and it must of turned on.'' I replied sleepily.


Justin began to laugh at my lie. 


''Okay...don't make any more noise..Autumn is complaining..and open this god damn door.'' He replied,kicking it before he shuffled away back into his room. 


I rolled my eyes and put the remote on the dresser.


''Come here.'' Justin whispered sweetly,holding his arm out as I slowly got under the covers. 


He pulled me closer and kissed my forehead. ''Hey..what do you say we make midnight memories?'' He smirked,tickling my waist with his fingertips. 


I scoffed. ''How about you shut up.'' 


''Nah I kinda like talking.'' He muttered,grabbing a handful of my hair and playing with the ends. ''Your hairs so pretty.'' 


''Thanks,yours too.'' I laughed,reaching up and scruffing up his locks. 


''Hey hey..nobody touches the hair.'' He frowned,reaching up and trying to get it back to the way it was styled. 


I began to laugh at his sillyness and he merely stuck his tongue out at me. 


After moments of him twiddling my hair he spoke. ''Can I braid your hair?'' He asked politely. 


I turned around and looked at him with wide eyes. ''Um...sure?''


I normally have my hair in a tight braid before I sleep anyway,so it becomes wavy and nice to style.


''Turn around then.'' 


I did as he was asked and Justin scooted behind me,I sat awkwardly in between his legs as he began to braid my hair. 


His touch was so smooth and almost soothing on my scalp,the way he lightly pulled at my hair made it so relaxing. 


Justin began to hum 'Midnight Memories' as he concentrated on the apparently 'perfect braid' 


''Almost done.'' He murmured,coming towards the very ends of my hair. ''And.....done.'' He replied. 


''Hairband.'' I replied,handing him one over my shoulder.


''Thank you madam.'' He replied,shaking my hand in the process. 


What a freak. 


''I'm not a freak thank you very much.'' He replied. 


Did I say that out loud...shit. 


''Yes you did,and now I am very offended.'' 


''Sorry.'' I laughed,bringing the braid over my shoulder. 


''It's okay.'' Justin whispered,kissing my cheek. ''You look absolutely always.'' 


I began to blush so I stayed facing away from him. 


''I know your blushing Ash.'' Justin chuckled,wrapping his arms over my shoulders. ''Girls who blush over the simplest things is so cute.'' He replied with his thick Canadian accent.


I decided to change the subject. ''This may sound rude..and I um,don't intend for it to be..but why are you here?'' 


''Oh um..if you don't want me here I'll go,it was kinda rude not to ask you before hand.'' Justin muttered,getting up and walking over to his shoes. 


''No no! I mean,why are you in New York..your obviously from Canada.'' 


He looked up at me and laughed. ''Is my accent that strong?'' 




''Well I'm here to promote my new album.'' 


''When are you leaving.'' I found myself asking..I hope it wasn't soon. 


''I'm staying here for a while actually..but eventually I'll have to move around.'' 


''Oh.'' I whispered,suddenly finding interest in the floor. 


Justin placed his index finger under my chin and lifted my head up.''That doesn't mean I've forgotten out promise.'' 


Justin leaned down and kissed my head. ''I'll never forget our promise.'' 


I needed that reassurance from him. So many times I've been let down and his words made me feel so much better. 




Another hour passed as me and Justin kicked back on my bed and talked. 


We talked about things going on in our lives right now..his new album,which was apparently a secret. But after loads of persuading he finally told me the name of the album which was called 'Believe' which I soon realised was one of the songs in the album.


You could say I've never been a fan of Justin's music but his new mature music is really good,I love some of his songs from his Christmas the popular 'Silent Night' he sounds so angelic in that..and I will admit to you,I have fallen asleep once before when listening to that,shh don't tell Justin. 


''So...tell me about your sister...Anna or something?'' Justin replied,bringing me into his chest. 


''Autumn..and there's nothing really to say other then the fact that she's my dad's little girl...He loves her to bits..she's the favourite child.'' I shrugged. 


I wasn't really bothered about that subject any more,I had to convince myself that I could never satisfy anyone..anything I do could always be done I had just given up,hence the whole suicidal thing. 


''Don't say parent should have a favourite child.'' Justin replied,drawing circles on my upper arm as we stared blankly ahead. 


''Well in this case you're wrong..Autumn is literally gods gift quoted from my dad.'' 


''He said that?'' 


''Yep..when she had her dance solo performance,she was dancing to some song...and at the end My dad couldn't contain his happiness..straight after he took her to the apple store to pick out her very first phone..which so happened to be better than mine.'' 


''I'm sure you would be rewarded with something like that.'' 


''Nope..I once got an A plus in an English assignment and my dad just shoo'd me away and said he was busy..but he was actually looking at a new pair of dance shoes for Autumn off the dance website.''


''Wow.'' Was  all that Justin could say..I guess he kinda knew now why I never felt wanted. 


''Yeah..I just give up with this family If I'm honest...I don't have a voice here...I'm not wanted.'' 


''Ashley,trust me...They don't know what there missing out on..his beautiful daughter is growing up into a lovely young woman and he's spending all his time on her? love should be equally shared throughout siblings.'' 


''Exactly..that's why I'm so sick of it..everyone want's me to be like my sister,achieving high grades..dancing as a national dancer,they want me to be the cute girl I once was...I once was the spitting image of my sister..I danced too...I was good. But one rehearsal I broke my foot and It hurt more than anything in the world..they said I could dance once my foot was fully recovered but I was scared to dance again..if dancing meant breaking my bones then I didn't want to do I quit..and everything since then has gone down hill.'' 


''Ashley you can only be yourself..and that what I'm asking you to be...I love the real you..the girl who is so insecure and shy..yet funny and beautiful in every don't need to be a professional dancer or a top grade achiever to be loved...'' 


''But my dad won't even give me a chance...I bet he doesn't even know I can sing I-'' 


Shit..did I really say that out loud?


''You can?'' He asked. 


''N-Never mind.'' I replied 


'' sing?'' 


I sighed. ''Yes but don't worry about it..I'm not even remotely good...I'm just like all those teenage girls who sing in the shower every now and again.'' 


''That's what I used to say look what happened,I'm an inspiration to many.'' 


''That's because you're you...your kind,gentle,sweet..your just amazing,you have the whole fucking package...even if I was good I wouldn't get anywhere..within minutes I would be carried off stage because a crate of tomatoes had been pelted in my direction.'' 


Justin laughed at that. ''Not and rose petals would be thrown at you.'' 


''Don't be so sure Justin.'' I warned. ''Anyway why are we speaking about this? it's never gonna happen.'' I laughed,getting up from the bed and pulling off my jean shorts. 


''We'll see about that.'' Justin smirked,standing up too and taking off his shirt and pants. 


I turned around and looked at him. ''Woah woah..what are you doing?'' 


''Sleeping here tonight...what about you?'' He replied cheekily. 


'' can't..My dad comes in every morning to say bye before he leaves to go to work..if he see's you he will legit chase you out the house with a shotgun.'' 


Justin laughed. ''Keep the door locked..I'm not a snorer so he won't get suspicious and knock the door down.'' 


I rolled my eyes. ''You know what? I'm to tired to even argue.'' 


I heard Justin chuckle before he walked over to me and hugged me. 


Bare in mind he was only sporting his boxers....he HUGGED me like this. 


''Thanks boo.'' He muttered softly into my ear before he leaned down and kissed my cheek. 


I stood frozen,our body to body contact was too much for me and I felt myself heating up. 


I ran into the bathroom and splashed cold water over my face before I walked back out,seeing Justin trying to suppress a laugh. 


''Someone get flustered when I touched them huh?'' 


''Pfft no...I wash my face before I sleep anyways.'' I lied. 


''Yeah..and I brush my eyelashes before I go to sleep.'' He cockily replied. 


I sniggered. ''Shut up.'' 


Justin merely smiled before he tossed me his oversized plain whit t-shirt. 


I gripped it in my hands and looked at him. ''What's this.'' 


''A piece of material that is used to cover the body..why?'' He sniggered cheekily. 


''Shut up.'' I laughed. ''I meant why have you given it to me...if you think I'm hanging it up for you-'' 


''Wear it.'' 




''I want you to wear my shirt to bed.'' 


I looked at him strange but once I realised he wasn't going to say anything else I obeyed and slipped it over my bra. 


It hung loosely,swallowing my body as it reached mid thigh. 


You could fit another person in here snugly..that's how much it hanged off me. 


I placed my braid over my shoulder and walked over to my lamp,turning it off I climbed into bed,immediately getting pulled into Justin's side. 


''Night Ash.'' Justin yawned,turning over and briefly kissing my cheek.


''Night Jay.'' I replied,rolling over and resting my head into the pillow. 


A couple of moment's later A loud noise was heard,sounding like a vacuum coming from Justin.


I looked over to see him fast a sleep.


He was snoring. 


''I don't snore my ass.'' I laughed,closing my eyes as sleep finally took over my body. 








I like how this was cute. 


I love the moment's where Justin kisses her cheek and calls her Ash too. 


What are your favourite parts from this chapter?


tell me and I might dedicate the next chapter to you:*


will Justin knock the walls down from around her heart?


Or will they stand strong?


Love you guys:*





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