The Bridge (on hold)

It all started off with a simple thought,which turned into reality..the next thing I know I'm stood on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I take my last breath before I'm ready to plunge into the water below me.

My foot is on the ledge,half of it was poking over actually,with one slip I would fall to my death.

My last thought would be of my baby sister Autumn she was only 7,so cute and innocent,I was only 11 year's older then her.

I took a deep breath and let my hair down,feeling the full breeze from being so high up,I slowly leaned forwards,starting my free fall into the murky water.

But before my feet could even leave the red bar,I was dragged over the railings and pressed to the floor.

No,they ruined everything.

I looked up slowly as I took a shaky breath and I instantly caught sight of a pair of honeycomb eyes,staring at me with such anger.


*May be emotional at times,viewers digression is advised*

Original production of Shawtyyymane_


1. Characters

IMPORTANT! trailer is in the side bar:*


Justin Bieber:

Age 18


Ashley Glover:

Age 18



 Autumn Glover: 


Age 7



Elle Gonzales:


Age 18




Jake Castro:

Age 18



(A/N: hey guys this is my new story and here are the the 'about' and try and get a feel for what this book is about,I will be uploading the first chapter on my sisters birthday if I can.. which is Valentines day (cute I know:').) so yeah..the first chapter will be up then so don't ask for me to start because I'm not doing one to then..I'm sorry but I need to focus on finishing another one of my story's so yeah:p by then one of my stories would be finished;) so you know the drill..comment and tell me if you like the 'about')




Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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