The Bridge (on hold)

It all started off with a simple thought,which turned into reality..the next thing I know I'm stood on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I take my last breath before I'm ready to plunge into the water below me.

My foot is on the ledge,half of it was poking over actually,with one slip I would fall to my death.

My last thought would be of my baby sister Autumn she was only 7,so cute and innocent,I was only 11 year's older then her.

I took a deep breath and let my hair down,feeling the full breeze from being so high up,I slowly leaned forwards,starting my free fall into the murky water.

But before my feet could even leave the red bar,I was dragged over the railings and pressed to the floor.

No,they ruined everything.

I looked up slowly as I took a shaky breath and I instantly caught sight of a pair of honeycomb eyes,staring at me with such anger.


*May be emotional at times,viewers digression is advised*

Original production of Shawtyyymane_


5. Bench


I sighed absent-mindedly as I opened the front door to the smell of bacon. 


I groaned and licked my lips,breathing in the heavenly aroma.


I forgotten how hungry I was until this very moment,and who ever was cooking bacon,would have to wait...I want some. 


''Hey daddy.'' Autumn squealed,running down the stairs and pushing past me into the kitchen. ''Can I have some bacon?'' 


''Sure sweetie,you can have all of it.''  He chuckled,putting the mouthwatering item on the plate and handing it over. 


She smiled. ''Thanks daddy.'' Before she skipped out the room and barged into me again. 


''You snooze you loose.'' She stated before she ran up the stairs. 


''You little biatch.'' I hissed,shaking my head as  I watched her scramble up the stairs. 


''Ay! enough of that! don't you dare use that language around Autumn.'' My dad barked,putting the kitchen utensils away. 


''Right,sorry.'' I murmured. 


He walked out and leaned on the door frame. ''And where have you been?'' He asked,one eyebrow raised. 


Oh,yeah....after that run in with Justin or whatever I ended up bumping into a boy from school..he wanted help on a piece of work so I quickly helped him while I had time. 


''I helped a friend with their homework.'' I murmured,twisting the house keys around my index finger. 


''Who's the friend?'' 




''You know him from where?'' 


''School..he's in my literature class.'' 


''You sure he's not some random boy off the street that you've decided to hook up with?'' He spat,taking a Cuban cigar out his back pocket and lighting it.


''A-Are you calling me a slut?'' I cried in disbelief. 


''Well your attendancy at school is low,and I couldn't see anywhere else you'd rather go than a boys house.'' He murmured,opening up the front door and letting the puff of smoke out into the night sky. 


''What father calls his daughter a slut?'' I whispered,my eyes becoming watery. 


''Just get to your room,children should be seen but not heard.'' 


''Dad,I'm 18...I'm not a child.'' I growled,shaking my head as I stomped up the stairs. 


''Well act your age and not your fucking shoe size.'' 


Hypocrite..he tells me off for swearing but does it himself...dick.


I screamed and stormed into my room,shutting the door firmly behind me. 


I jumped onto my bed and hid my face in my pillow. 


I fucking hate this place...I wan't to move out as fast as possible. 



I suddenly had an idea...he obviously doesn't want me in his house,so why the fuck should I be here when he's most definitely in a pissed off mood?


I grabbed my phone from my bag and slipped it into my jean pockets,I pulled on my U.C.L.A sweatshirt and my converses.


I opened up the window and made sure there was no sign of my dad anywhere. 


I climbed onto the ledge and put one foot on the tree branch in front of me,after the other foot followed I slowly made my way down the tree before I hit the floor. 


I took a deep breath and quietly snuck across the yard to the pavement,I pulled my hands into my pocket before lowering my head as I made my way down the street.




About 5 minutes later the park came into sight and I smiled once I saw that it was empty.


I opened the gate and sat on the swing set,slowly swinging as the wind rushed passed me in all different directions.


I was deep in thought when I heard footsteps coming my way from behind. 


My eyes widened and I quickly turned around but there was nothing there.


I turned back around and decided to ignore it,but then the swing next to me creaked and my head snapped around to see a person wearing a hoodie over his head,staring at the floor. 


I kept staring..I felt like I knew him some how. 


But when he finally looked up and turned his head to the side,a smile formed on his stupid face. 


''Nice seeing you here.'' He murmured quietly. 


Fuck,why does he keep following me?


''Are you following me?'' 


He laughed before he stood up ''You wish sweetheart'' he chuckled before he walked away from me. 


Justin,lord of ass holes appears again.







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