My Life at Blue Ridge (On Hold)


3. Chapter Three

'Finally,' I thought as I plopped myself onto my bed.
"Sophia," I hear Jeremy's voice.
"What?" I groaned.
"The day isn't over yet," Jeremy informed me.
"It's ten o'clock pm Jeremy, it's time for me to go to bed." I tell him.
Suddenly, I feel arms lift me up from my bed. 
"Jeremy," I growled.
"Like I said, the day isn't over yet," Jeremy told me.
I groaned as Jeremy placed me on his bed. I bring my knees up to my chest and hug them.
When Jeremy got comfy, he put his arm around me and pulled me closer.
I struggled, but it was no use, as he was stronger then me.
My eyes were drooping, fighting me on sleep.
Jeremy's lips went on my neck, and began to leave a trail of kisses on my neck. My body stiffened up once more, but as his lips slowed down on the kissing, my body slowly began to relax, as my need for sleep began to win.

When I open my eyes, I noticed I was still in Jeremy's bed. A slight growl escapes my lips as I try to untangle Jeremy's arm around my waist. When I was finally free, I got off of his bed and grabbed some cloths, making sure I had everything I needed this time before stripping and getting in the shower.

When I exited the bathroom, I see Jeremy looking at me, a smirk on his lips. I glared at him before putting my cloths into my laundry bag.
"You surly enjoyed what happened before you fell asleep." Jeremy spoke.
"Yeah right," I tell him.
"You did," Jeremy insisted.
"Why'd you figure?" I ask giving him a look.
"Because you moaned as I kissed your neck." Jeremy told me.
I roll my eyes, "Uh, huh, sure," I tell him grabbing my IPod and room key.

I was jogging at the park behind the school, listening to Celtic Woman when I see a man watching me.
I slowed to a stop and walked over to the bench where I put my water battle bottle.
When I finish, I noticed the man was next to me.
"Can I help you?" I asked confused.
The man bites his lower lip, obviously nervous.
'Why does he seem so familiar?' I thought.
"Sir?" I spoke.
"Uh.. It's nothing, sorry to bother  you." He told me walking away.
Shock filled my face, he sounded like my father, who went missing on his under cover job.
"Sir," I find myself saying.
He turned around and I saw his sad clear blue eyes. "Hey, I'm sorry for bothering you, I shouldn't have come over to you." He tells me before walking away.
Before I could stop myself, I cried, "Daddy wait!"
His footsteps stopped, he turned to me, shock and happiness filling his eyes. "You recognize me?" He whispers.
Tears fill my eyes, I nod my head, "Yes dad, I do." I tell him, smiling through my tears of joy.

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