My Life at Blue Ridge (On Hold)


1. Chapter One

"What! What do you mean we're moving?" I asked my mother in a raised voice. 
"Sweet heart, I got a job in Virginia. You'll be going to a boarding school called Blue Ridge School." She explained to me. 
"Boarding school!" I yelled. 
She nodded, "I'm sorry sweetie, I really am, but this job requires a lot of hours. I don't want you home by yourself all the time." She told me. 
"Whatever." I muttered and stormed to my room and started to pack. 
Once I was done, I decided to research the school. My eyes grew wide. "Mom!" I holler. 
"Yes sweet heart?" She asked as she walked into the room. 
"You do realize that the school you're shipping me off to is an all boy's school right." I tell her. 
She smiles and shakes her head. "I know sweetie, but the head of the school wants to turn the school into a co-ed school, but their unsure if they should, so they're testing it out.” 
"What! You can't be serious!" 
“I know you don’t like it sweetie, but this is how it’s going to be.” My mom replied 


On our way to the boarding school, I saw a lot of trees. 'Wow,' I thought amazed at the scenery. About two hours we were at the golden brick school. I get out of my mother's blue minivan. The pathway to the door was golden brown bricks. The school was huge. It was a three story building, with a lot of windows. "Wow," I breathed. 
"Beautiful isn't it?" My mother asked. 
I nod, to amazed to speak. 
"Are you sure you don't want me to go in with you?" My mom asked after a few seconds of silence 
"Yes mom I'm sure." I respond. 
She nods and says, "I have to go then. Love you," 
"Love you to mom." I answer. She hugs me and I hug her back. 
"I'll call you later ok." She says with a small smile. I could see tears in her eyes as I nod. She gives me one last hug before getting into her car and drove away. 
I walk into the glass doors and was even more amazed. The marbled floor was flawless; there were two hallways it looked like. 
As I was looking for the office, I noticed there weren’t any guys around. Suddenly I fell as I bumped into someone. "Oh gosh. I am so sorry." I tell the boy. I look at him. He was tall; he had light brown hair, a pretty shade of green eyes. 
He smirked. "Like what you see?" 
I glare at him, “Hardly,” And with that I began to walk again, dragging my suitcase behind me. 
When I get to the office I said, “Hi, I’m Sophia Smith, and I’m new here.” 
"Hello, welcome to the school, my name is Mark, if you need anything just let me know ok," Mark told me, 
"Ok, will do, thank you." I responded. 
"You're welcome. Here's your room key and your schedule, your room number is on the top left of your schedule. I hope you have a good year here," He tells me with a smile. 
I nod and smile back, "Thank you." I respond, and looked at my schedule. 'Room number 211 I thought. 
“Good to have you here Sophia,” Mark told me. 
"Thank you." I tell him with a smile. 
"You're welcome." He tells me smiling back. 
I then go find my room. Once I get to room 211, I unlock the door and walk in. I stop as I hear a shower running. I groaned as I realized I had to share a room with a guy. I go to the empty side of the room, and sit down on the bed, which was surprisingly comfy. The bathroom door opens, and I close my eyes, just in case he has a towel around him. 
A few seconds later, I feel a hand go on my shoulder; I open my eyes to see the kid who I bumped into. He was shirtless. I glared at him and got up and turned around. "Put a shirt on will ya." I tell him. 
"So looks like we're roommates.” I hear him say. 
"Yippie." I tell him, sarcasm in my voice. He chuckled. I stand and turn around; noticing that he still weren't wearing a shirt. 
"First of all, didn't I tell you to put a shirt on, and second of all, what's so funny?" I demand keeping my eyes on his. 
"You." He responded with a shrug. 
"And how am I funny?" I demanded. 
"Your voice was dripping with sarcasm." He tells me. 
I roll my eyes, "And that's funny how?" I ask. I took a step towards me, and before I knew it he had my wrists. 
I glared at him and was about to speak, when he began too. "It just was." 
"Let go of me." I tell him. 
"Oh, come on, you know you like it." He tells me with a smirk. 
"No I don't. Now let me go, and put on a shirt." I tell him. 
"I don't listen to orders unless it's from a teacher, or my dad." He tells me. 
I groan. "Fine, don't listen to me, see if I care. Just let me go." I tell him glaring. 
He smirked, but let me go. I then turn around and began to unpack. 
"What's your name anyways?" He asked. 
I roll my eyes, "If you must know its Sophia." I tell him. 
"My name is Jeremy." Jeremy tells me. 
I didn't answer I just put my cloths away. Once I was done, I turned around, to see Jeremy who still didn't have a shirt on. I groan. "You're impossible." I tell him, and with that, I leave the room, making sure I had the key first. 

After several minutes of exploring, I go back to my room. Jeremy was still there, but thankfully he had a shirt on. I felt gross, so I decided to take a shower. I grabbed my stuff and walked into the bathroom. Stripping off my cloths, I stepped into the shower. 
Once I was done, I put on my undergarments, then my jeans. I then realized my shirt wasn't in the bathroom. I groan, I must've dropped my shirt. But there was no way I was going to come out of the bathroom without a shirt on. I reached for my other shirt, but when I picked my white tank top up, it was soaking wet. I groan again. I open the door a crack to see Jeremy on his bed. Jeremy turned his head, and looked at my confused as I only had my head out of the doorway. I glare at him and say, "My shirt dropped, can you get it for me." I was really annoyed. 
He smirked and said, "Why don't you get it yourself?" 
"Are you crazy! I am not coming out without a shirt on." I tell him. 
"What, you have your bra don't you?" He asked. 
I rolled my eyes, "Of course I have my bra on, now will you get my shirt for me?" I asked getting real annoyed. 
"On one condition." He tells me with a smirk. 
I groan, "Depends on what it is." I tell him. 
"I'm not telling you yet." He tells me with a smirk. 
"You're impossible." I mutter. 
"Is it a deal?" He asked. 
"Tell me what the condition is," I tell him. 
He shakes his head. 'There is no way am I staying in this bathroom all day.' I thought. I sighed an angry sigh and began to speak, "Fine, now get me my shirt." He smirks and grabs my shirt from the ground. He gives it to me and I shut the door. Putting the shirt on, I grabbed my cloths, walked out of the bathroom, and put my cloths in my laundry bag. Once I stood up strait, I feel hands go on my hip. 
I squeal and jump. I hear Jeremy's chuckle. I turned to him and glared. "That is SO not funny Jeremy!" I tell him. 
He smirked, "Actually yeah it is." 
"Whatever." I tell him and start walking away. 
Suddenly a hand grabs my wrist. I was pulled to Jeremy’s chest, and I struggled. “Let me go Jeremy.” I demanded. 
“Not until you promise you’ll do whatever I ask of you for the rest of the day.” Jeremy tells me. 
“And why would I do that?” I asked. 
“I gave you your shirt.” He responded. 
I groaned, “Only if you don’t make me do something stupid.” 
“Not going to say I won’t make you do anything stupid, nor will I say I will make you do something stupid.” He tells me 
“Then I am not going to promise you anything.” I tell him. 
“Well then, I won’t let go of you.” He tells me. 
I roll my eyes. “Even when I get tired I won’t let go of you, if I want to it down, I’ll take you to my bed and put you on my lap, which doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” He tells me, a smirk on his face. He then drags me towards the bed, sit down, and then picked me up, and placed me on top of his lap. 
I struggled to get out of his lap. Suddenly, a knock came on the door. “Jer, you in there?” I hear a male’s voice. 
“Don’t you dare say anything before you let me go.” I hissed in a whisper. 
“Promise me you’ll do anything I say for the day.” He whispered. 
I glared at him. “Jer?” 
Jeremy opened his mouth, “Don’ t you dare.” I growled. 
“Yeah, I’m here.” Jeremy calls. 
I struggle against his grasp once more. 
“Can we come in?” 
‘Crap.’ I thought. 
“Yeah,” Jeremy responded. 
I growled and struggled to get free of Jeremy’s grasp as the door opened and three boys came in. “Dude, you get to room with the new girl?” A boy asked. 
“Sadly.” I spoke. 
Jeremy chuckled. 
“Let me go Jeremy!” I growled. 
“Not until you promise you’ll do anything for me the rest of the day.” Jeremy tells me. 
The three guys’ looked confused. “Sophia here, forgot her shirt and I got it for her and only gave it to her when she agreed to a condition, she didn’t know what it was until a few moments ago, now she won’t do the condition, so I’m going to keep her hostage until she promises.” Jeremy explained. 
“That would be never, so let me go.” I growled. 
“Sophia, you shouldn’t really back down from your word.” A boy tells me. 
“If I had known what he would have me do, I would've never agreed to it.” I growled. 
“Come on Sophia, he won’t make you do anything that will hurt you,” One of Jeremy’s friends tells me. 
“I don’t care,” I stated. 
“Sophia, he won’t let you go until you promise you do realize that right?” Another of Jeremy’s friends asked. 
“And I’ll do this again tomorrow if you don’t agree by lunch, but even if you don’t, I still won’t let go of you, not even when I want to go in the halls.” Jeremy added. 
I groan. “Actually, I would like a snack.” Jeremy said as he moved me from his lip, and put an arm around my waist. 
Before he could get to the door I snapped, “Fine.” 
Jeremy stopped walking, “Ok, promise me.” He tells me, a smirk in place. 
I growl, “I promise I will do anything you want me to UNLESS, if I have cuddle with you or kiss you or anything like that.” 
“I didn’t ask you to put the unless part in.” He tells me. 
I glared at him. Just then he started to walk towards the door again, his arm still around my waist. Knowing there was no way out of it, I growled, “Fine. I promise I will do anything you want me to.” 
“Good,” Jeremy smirked.

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